Let's Get you Started! 

We have three evening classes that are PERFECT for beginners. And ALL of our lunchtime classes are too!

Booking is advised to ensure your spot! Not sure how to book? Click HERE to find out how. 


Monday's 6pm: Warm Vinyasa with Chris .

Lighthearted and flowing, with a focus on bringing awareness into the body and breath. Chris's classes form a delightfully undulating journey that will leave you feeling free and strong in your body, and generally blissed out. 


Tuesday's 6pm: Vinyasa Flow with Galen. 

Chirpy and full of life, Galen's vinyasa flow sessions are a combination of postures tied together into a smoothly flowing sequence. Expect a to leave feeling stretched and strengthened in all directions, with a good dose of those chilled out yoga vibes to boot!


Thursday's 6pm: Forrest Yoga with Robin.

Forrest Yoga teaches the four pillars of breath, strength, integrity and spirit. Expect a thorough warm up, with plenty of abdominals following by slow holds in standing postures and elements of ceremony with some chanting and music. Expect to leave feeling strengthened but connected.



For the progressive beginner..... 

Curious about more than the postures? Why not try Deepen Your Practice, on a Friday with Chris. This session makes extra time for the elements that make a yoga practice unique. Focus on specific pranayama (breathing) techniques, enjoy extra time to relax but also...extra time to try some of those more interesting postures!