How do I book? How do I get the mobile booking app?

Creating an Account.

Click on the 'log in' button on the timetable on our home page. Simply enter your email and some details, create your password and you are ready to go!

If you are using our mobile app (for apple and android) download the 'GloFox' app, then search 'yoga therapies' (make sure its lower case and with a space and we'll be the only one that pops up!). We'll be there every time you open the app from then on. 

If you signed up in the studio, then the very first time you use the app/website select 'Register', make sure you use the same email and name and you will be able to choose your password. 


Booking a Class or Course

Please note, booking is not essential to attend but it is recommended to guarantee your space.

Click on the classes or course sections. For courses you can book at any time, and for classes you can book eight weeks in advance. Once you find the one that takes your fancy simply click on it, in the bottom right hand corner there is a button that says 'Book' and will include the price where there is one.

If you are using the app, you will be given the option to add your card details and pay per session, however, if you are using the schedule on the website to book you will need to click on settings and add a card. Don't worry your details are safe with us!


NB// if you want to book using a membership or multiclass pass you must purchase this first otherwise you will be charged full price for the class!


Purchasing a Membership or Multi Class Pass.

Click on the membership section.

From the list select the membership that suits you best. Please note there are time restrictions on some of the memberships. Once finalised the membership will be added to your home screen where you have a handy little bar that will tell you exactly how many sessions, or how long there is left on your membership. Any classes you book will automatically be deducted.


Booking a 121 session

Click on the appointments section.

From the list of available times select the time that suits you best. Please note, some practitioners may require you to contact them to confirm the booking.

I already have an account, but am having issues logging in, booking or refreshing the feed.

If you are having difficulties with your booking system it may be because of cached/stored data from a previous version of the app that your computer is trying to use as the default, even though it's been updated and so no longer functioning. 

In order to clear any outdated cached data that may be affected your booking software please clear your internet browsing history, making sure that you also clear any hosted app data. 

If this does not resolve your issue please contact us on

What does * * mean around a class title?

If the title of the session you are looking at booking has ** either side it means that the session is either longer than 2hours, or a specialist session/workshop and is therefore priced separately to the passes and memberships.

If you are on a monthly membership or a class pass you will receive a discount on all these sessions that is automatically calculated when you log in. 

How often should I attend?

You can practice as often as you like! Some students come 5 times a week, some 5 times a month. Just remember to listen to your body. 

The mixture of classes and styles throughout the week, alongside workshops and specialist sessions means you can moderate and modulate your practice to suit your changing needs.

We have a variety of MEMBERSHIPS to ensure you receive the best value for your money. Check them out!

Can I continue to attend classes if I become pregnant?

The answer really is... it depends!

We would recommend that in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy you do not take on any new activities, yoga included. In this trimester especially your body may experience symptoms such as nausea and lowered blood pressure which can be exacerbated by the more dynamic classes. If you have been attending regularly prior to conception and would like to continue we'll leave that decision up to you.

From 12 weeks onwards you are welcome to attend classes even if you haven't been before, but you MUST make the teachers aware. Certain postures will be modified, and the amount of the modifications will increase as your pregnancy progresses. We recommend that you sit towards the middle of the room where it is cooler our of the direct line of the heaters and avoid the hotter and more physically challenging classes, that you have plenty of water and most importantly that you listen to your body at all times! When practiced with the proper awareness yoga can be a wonderful support through your pregnancy, 


Can I continue to attend classes if I am injured?

The answer really is... it depends! 

First and foremost you need to listen to your body. There are certain injuries that clearly require rest and a different kind of nourishment. However, if you are working with issues such as muscle sprains, sciatic pains or joint problems then a carefully approached yoga practice can aid in the healing process whilst ensuring you do not develop compensational patterns of tension.

Arrive a few minutes early to make some time to chat to the teacher before class about any issues you may have. All of our teachers are trained in modifying and adjusting to ensure the maximum benefits of the practice for a whole range of conditions.

You aren't required to disclose anything you feel uncomfortable disclosing, but what we don't know about, we can't help you with, nor can we be held responsible for problems that occur as a result of nondisclosure. 


Are all the classes heated?

All of our classes are heated using our premium infra red heaters.

There is some variation from session to session, but the room is heated to approximately 26degrees to ensure the optimum conditions for your practice. The humidity is kept low so that the air stays cool and spacious... we want it to feel more like a sunny day with a pleasant breeze than a tropical jungle!

For more information about the science behind our "hot" yoga read HERE



Yoga Room Etiquette

Please leave your belongings in the changing areas and only bring yourself, your mat and your water/towel into the room.

Please ensure your phone is switched off, or on silent mode.

Respect others space, take care if you are moving around the room that you don’t walk over someone else's mat. 

Respect yourself! In every session there will be a balance of challenge and restoration. Although our teachers are highly trained to ensure they can cater for all scenarios and will always be happy to help if you ask, only you can know your own body. If it is telling you to slow down, then slow down.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Nothing at all! Everything is provided onsite, including bottled water for sale. If you have your own equipment and would like to use it, please feel free.

There are changing facilities on site, and safe space to leave your personal items. 

To get the most out of your session make sure you are well hydrated and well fuelled, although avoid eating anything heavy within two hours prior to class. If you've come straight from work and you need a little boost we have some great natural energy options for sale on site!