How do I book? How do I get the mobile booking app?

Creating an Account.

Click on the 'log in' button on the timetable on our home page. Simply enter your email and some details, create your password and you are ready to go!

If you are using our mobile app (for apple and android) download the 'GloFox' app, then search 'yoga therapies' (make sure its lower case and with a space and we'll be the only one that pops up!). We'll be there every time you open the app from then on. 

If you signed up in the studio, then the very first time you use the app/website select 'Register', make sure you use the same email and name and you will be able to choose your password. 


Booking a Class or Course

Please note, booking is not essential to attend but it is recommended to guarantee your space.

Click on the classes or course sections. For courses you can book at any time, and for classes you can book eight weeks in advance. Once you find the one that takes your fancy simply click on it, in the bottom right hand corner there is a button that says 'Book' and will include the price where there is one.

If you are using the app, you will be given the option to add your card details and pay per session, however, if you are using the schedule on the website to book you will need to click on settings and add a card. Don't worry your details are safe with us!


NB// if you want to book using a membership or multiclass pass you must purchase this first otherwise you will be charged full price for the class!


Purchasing a Membership or Multi Class Pass.

Click on the membership section.

From the list select the membership that suits you best. Please note there are time restrictions on some of the memberships. Once finalised the membership will be added to your home screen where you have a handy little bar that will tell you exactly how many sessions, or how long there is left on your membership. Any classes you book will automatically be deducted.


Booking a 121 session

Click on the appointments section.

From the list of available times select the time that suits you best. Please note, some practitioners may require you to contact them to confirm the booking.