Classic Salutation/ Chandra Namaskar

Cue Template.

Begin standing with the feet hip width apart at the front of the mat. Hands together in front of the heart.

Inhale. Reach arms up. Shoulders wrapped.

Exhale. Lightly bend knees, reach forwards and fold.
Step left leg back, lower left knee.
Engage legs and lower abdomen.

Inhale. Lift armsforwards and up. Anjaneyasana.
Exhale. Palms down. Step back to plank.
Lower knees. Wrap shoulders.
Pull forwards to lower chest.

Inhale. Bhujangasana.

Exhale. Adho Mukha Svanasana.
Step left leg forwards, lower right knee.
Engage legs and lower abdominals.

Inhale. Reach forwards and up. Anjaneyasana.

Exhale. Uttanasana.

Inhale. Reach up to standing. Arms raised.

Exhale. Samasthiti

Key Points.