Here’s everything you need to know about the Yomala Vinyasa and Yoga Therapeutics 200hr Training alongside some of our most frequently asked questions.


The Yomala Institute formed to inspire a generation of contemporary teachers, by creating trainings that deliver a multi-disciplinary and in-depth understanding that can be communicated authentically and with respect to the traditions of Yoga.


Our foundation training is exactly that; a foundation. We start at the start to build a solid base for your teaching journey. With that in mind, we feel the only person qualified to judge if you feel ready or not is you. 

All we ask is that you arrive eager to learn and ready for the commitment.



The course is delivered as 9 weekends spread over the calendar year with two pieces of coursework to complete, alongside reading and reviewing tasks following each weekend. 

We structured the course with the understanding that right now you are probably already a full time something, and have ensured the course requirements can be met around those commitments. We estimate you would spend around a minimum of 2 hours per week to complete the necessary work.



Completion of all of the content is required to achieve certification. Depending on what time is missed, it may be possible to ‘catch up’ the content within the current training (especially if prior notice is given). Where it is not possible to catch up content within the current course, or if more than 10% of the course is missed then students are able to join the same sections in a subsequent training to complete their certification. This may incur additional costs at the discretion of the course lead.


Yoga is first and foremost a practice, and so we encourage our trainees to begin gathering real world experience of teaching from as soon as possible with friends and family. We work closely with Bordengate Insurers, who provide an exceptional insurance plan which will cover our students to begin teaching as trainees from the third weekend of the training (end of CM1). Graduates will be qualified and covered to teach independently from the completion of the course.


The course is structured in 3 Core Modules, and supplemented with online modules focusing on history, journalling & business development. In order to graduate from the Yomala training attendees must have completed the 3 core modules and supplementary modules, have submitted a single written piece of coursework and pass both a final written assessment and a final practical assessment. 

Students are provided with a series of workbooks throughout the course, alongside access to the Yomala Training online resource that contains both text, downloadable pdf 'crib sheets' and videos of aspects of the training and core content. We also provide a recommended reading list for wider study.

Through the duration of the course students will be added to a 'pop up' private facebook group as a simple location for central communication; at the close of the training graduates will then be invited to join the broader Yomala Community private facebook group as a continuing resource and space to share and question with fellow Yogi's.

The training emphasises practical experience, and from the first weekend attendees will be immersed in a rich mixture of immersive practices, debate, lecture and practicum.


Core Module Content


We delineate the layers of physiology that overlie and underpin successful practice from a truly holistic perspective.

Our unique model blends a deep understanding of fascial meridians and sling systems with both a classical and orthopaedic model of alignment, and a nervous system centric model of understanding alignment as a psycho-somatic and variable experience. 

We consider how specific conditions and life events such as hypermobility, pregnancy, or common injuries and challenges to health can be accommodated within our signature therapeutic and accessible style of vinyasa.

Upon completion of this module you will;

  • have a clear understanding of how the physical body works in relation to asana,

  • understand how to begin structuring and modifying sequences,

  • practice a series of somatic meditations.


We explore the layers of the subtle energy body, including Prana and its myriad forms, Nadi, Chakra, Granthi and the 5 (+1) layers of the tantric body, through theory, asana and the meditative practices of Yoga Nidra, and 'Feeding Demons'. 

We consider in depth what it is to be 'unified', and we look at the interaction between our practice and our endocrine system, in particular adrenaline, and modern models of a healthy and integrated body/mind. Polyvagal theory and the physical trappings of emotional issues.

Upon completion of this module you will,

  • understand traditional Yogic models of the body and the subtle energy body,

  • understand the effects of stress and other states on the body,

  • be able to integrate knowledge of the chakra system, emotional states and qualities into your teaching,

  • understand a series of state changing and explorative meditations.


We consider sequencing, adjusting , grounding, protection, practice ethics and creating sacred space in light of the content covered prior. 

We explore in greater detail the 8 limbed path of Classical Yoga, alongside later models of furthering practice with teaching from Tantric and Hatha traditions.

We conclude with a focus on 'self-care' practices, and a clear route for maintaining your personal practice and integrity as you move into teaching.

Upon completion of this module you will,

  • be a grounded, well rounded and confident teacher,

  • have a clear set of goals to move forwards with.

Supplementary Modules:

The History of Yoga.

The Business of Yoga.



Throughout the course your instructors will be assessing and coaching your understanding and practical application.

Formally, you will submit two pieces of written coursework completed in your own time, and complete a practical assessment and a written assessment in exam conditions completed within the course hours.


Your place on the upcoming trainings can be secured by paying the non-refundable deposit of £300.

The total cost of the course is £1800, with the balance due either as a single payment of £1500 prior to the course commencing, or as 3 instalments of £500 due at the commencement of the 3 core modules.

YogaTherapies is happy to consider alternative payment schedules, although this may incur additional charges depending on the method of payment (please email if you would like to discuss this option).

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Please note, application to the Yomala Trainings will constitute acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

I understand that my payment must be made in accordance with the agreed schedule, that my deposit in non-refundable and that in the case of non-completion my fees are also non-refundable. YogaTherapies will consider deferring places in extreme and/or personal circumstances.

I understand that if I fail to complete the course or default on payment, that I am additionally obliged to return any and all course materials provided by YogaTherapies.

In cases where hours are missed arrangements must be made to complete the full hours and requirements of the training prior to receiving certification, this will involve additional costs at the discretion of YogaTherapies. 

Where YogaTherapies agrees to deferring a place, or where course hours require completion, YogaTherapies makes no guarantee about the timing of the next available training, nor that there will be a subsequent training. YogaTherapies also does not make any guarantee regarding the availability of course instructors beyond the standard parameters of the course.

YogaTherapies reserves the right to change dates of a course only in exceptional circumstances, or, provide a covering instructor who is appropriately qualified to instruct the material.

In order to maintain high standards we expect students to follow the YogaTherapies code of conduct, and reserve the right to discontinue training in the event of failure to do so, following a period of formal warning. 

  1. Behave and speak in a way that honours the principles of Yogic practice.

  2. Ensure punctuality for all sessions.

  3. Complete the homework and self study tasks in the allotted times, and present only original work (plagiarism will result in instant dismissal from the training)

  4. Treat all course property with appropriate respect.

  5. Uphold the principles conveyed in the training, and teach authentically to the training.

What if I have any concerns during the course?

Please report any concerns immediately to your course leader, or email If for any unforeseen circumstance a full response to your concern cannot be given within 7 days, you will be contacted with the reason why and when a full answer can be expected.