Yomala; Vinyasa and Yoga Therapeutics.

200hr Yoga Alliance Accredited Foundation Teacher Training.

- The core of our methodology -

Our foundational training is perfect for students that are serious about developing their understanding of yoga or for yoga teachers and health professionals looking to solidify their understanding and broaden their skillset.

The comprehensive curriculum combines a detailed and somatic understanding of anatomy and alignment, with an exploration of the energy body, pranayama and meditative practices, embedded in an open philosophical and reflective context that encourages the students to form their own identity within the ever expanding world of yoga.

This course is a life-changing experience that endlessly enriches your personal practice and equips you with the knowledge and skill set to start sharing your passion with the world. 


The course is structured over 11 weekends, with a focus on understanding the body, the subtleties of the energy body and psyche and finally, the art of teaching. The training emphasises practical experience, and from the first weekend attendees will be immersed in a rich mixture of immersive practices, debate, lecture and practicum.


We delineate the layers of physiology that overlie and underpin successful practice from a truly holistic perspective.

Our unique model blends a deep understanding of fascial meridians and sling systems with spinal mechanics, and a nervous system centric model of understanding alignment as a psycho-somatic experience. 

We consider how specific conditions and life events such as hypermobility, pregnancy, or common injuries and challenges to health can be accommodated within our signature therapeutic and expandable style of vinyasa.

Upon completion of this module you will;

  • have a clear understanding of how the physical body works with respect to asana,

  • understand how to begin structuring and modifying sequences,

  • practice a series of somatic meditations and movements.


We explore the layers of the subtle energy body, including Prana and its myriad forms, Nadi, Chakra, Granthi and the 5 (+1) layers of the tantric body, through theory, asana and the meditative practices of Yoga Nidra, and 'Chod'. 

We consider in depth what it is to be 'unified', and we look at the interaction between our practice and our endocrine, cardiovascular and nervous system, and modern models of a healthy and integrated body/mind. We look at models such as Polyvagal theory for understanding the physical trappings of emotion and stresses.

Upon completion of this module you will,

  • understand traditional Yogic models of the body and the subtle energy body,

  • understand the effects of stress and other states on the body,

  • be able to integrate knowledge of the chakra system, emotional states and qualities into your teaching,

  • understand a series of state changing and explorative meditations.


We consider sequencing, adjusting , grounding, protection, practice ethics and creating sacred space in light of the content covered prior. 

We explore in greater detail the 8 limbed path of Classical Yoga, alongside later models of furthering practice with teaching from Tantric and Hatha traditions.

We conclude with a focus on 'self-care' practices, and a clear route for maintaining your personal practice and integrity as you move into teaching.

Upon completion of this module you will,

  • be a grounded, well rounded and confident teacher,

  • have a clear set of goals  and a full tool kit to move forwards with.


We bring everything to our teaching, and we hope our students will too! Students are required to have two years experience of yoga prior to point of application, and most importantly an eagerness and readiness to learn.

Attendance at the trainings is limited to 25 participants to ensure the perfect balance of an intimate environment with time for individual and dedicated attention, whilst enjoying all the benefits of practicing, learning and sharing in a diverse group.

Assessment, Materials & Self Study

Students are provided with a series of workbooks throughout the course, alongside access to the Yomala Training online resource that contains both text, downloadable pdf 'crib sheets' and videos of aspects of the training and core content. We also provide a recommended reading list for wider study.

Each weekend is accompanied by self-study and reading tasks that focus on developing personal practice, cultivating confidence in delivery and sequencing. Through the duration of the course students will be added to a 'pop up' private facebook group as a simple location for central communication; at the close of the training graduates will then be invited to join the broader Yomala Community private facebook group as a continuing resource and space to share and question with fellow Yogi's.

Assessment and coaching of understanding and practical application will occur continuously throughout the course. Formal assessment consists of one written piece of coursework completed in your own time, one practical delivery assessment and a final exam consisting of multi choice and short answer questions both completed within the course weekends.

Satisfactory completion of all of the content is required to graduate. Please see the training terms and conditions for further information.


Yomala 19/20.

All Dates Sat/Sun 9 -5/30

2019 August, 3/4 & 10/11th. September 7/8. October 19/20. November 2/3 & 30/ December 1.

2020 January 25/26. February 22/23. March 28/29. April 18/19. May 30/31.

Payment Plans

  1. Register for the course as a singular payment of £2350.

  2. Secure your place with a deposit of £400, 3 balance payments of £700 payable on or before August 3rd, October 19th and January 25th.

YogaTherapies is happy to consider alternative payment schedules following a non-refundable deposit of £400. This may incur additional charges.

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