Vinyasa Yoga

The heart of our offering.

Vinyasa means ‘to place with awareness’, and is a dynamic and accessible form of yoga consisting of postures synchronised with the breath and intention in a continuous and unbroken flow of movement. 

Vinyasa yoga classes will focus the mind whilst building strength, stability and flexibility. Their cumulative nature and therapeutic core means there is always room for modifications and extra challenges! Every class will contain elements of pranayama (breathwork) and guided meditation or relaxation to finish the session in peace! 

Sunrise - prepare your body & mind for the perfect day.

Flow - create fluidity and balance.

Dynamic - build strength and stability.

Krama - explore progressive sequences structured to deepen your yoga practice.

Foundations of Flow & Beginners Yoga

Foundations of flow is a Vinyasa style class taught at a steady pace with a clear focus on the central postures and techniques of yoga and the fundamentals of alignment and intention. 

These sessions are perfect for beginners and returners, and anyone curious about firming up their understanding of the foundational elements of their practice.

Gentle Vinyasa Yoga

Suitable for all levels, ages and experiences; sessions run at a moderate pace, combining breath with flowing movements in both passive and supported postures (and plenty of props on hand!)

These sessions are ideal for beginners, those who are working with injury or limited mobility, or those who simply prefer a softer approach to practice. 

Align & Flow 

This nourishing class offers the best of both worlds fusing the dynamism of a vinyasa class, with the stillness of a deeply restorative yin practice all in one!

Mat Based Pilates

Pilates sessions work the entire body with a focus on the core through a series of repetitive and low impact exercises. 

These sessions are perfect for anyone who wants to better understand their posture and help to rebalance muscle use throughout the body. Pilates can be especially helpful following pregnancy, or after periods of inactivity or injury. 

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga sessions offer a series of interconnected postures that focus on releasing tension in the body and restoring a sense of balance. Expect plenty of time to relax

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga provides the counter balance to our busy lives; a stilling and subtle practice that cultivates a deep sense of awareness through the release of mind and body stresses. 

Postures are primarily seated with or without support, and held for extended periods of time in order to allow the connective tissues and deeper tensions to release. The philosophy of softness inherent in this practice makes it especially accessible. 

Aerial Yoga

Enjoy a new perspective on your yoga practice by taking your sequence to the air! These classes combine mat based postures with postures in an aerial yoga hammock. 

Enjoy inversions in a newly supported way whilst finding deeper release and fresh challenges. 

Nb// Open level classes are carried out in pairs and it is necessary to have attended a partner based session prior to moving onto the solo flying sessions. 

Chair Based Yoga

When there are physical, emotional or age related restrictions chair yoga makes the many benefits of yoga safe and accessible for all. 

If you use a wheelchair please get in touch prior to booking your session to discuss the buildings access. 

Guided Meditation

Unwind mind, body & soul. These sessions are open to everyone and work primarily with ‘journey style’ guided meditations. Come in, lay down and get comfy to be transported to tranquility!

Family/ Post-Natal and Children’s Yoga

Specialised sessions for post-natal mums and babies, whole families and children only. Check the class descriptions and titles for the intended age ranges.