Teacher Feature: Spotlight on Lucy

Hello Lucy! Let’s start at the beginning…


Talk us through your very first experience of yoga.. your first encounter with a class environment?

My first experience of yoga was when I was 16, I went to a class that was based in a gym that I went to regularly and loved it. A couple of years later I came back to it and that’s when I found a new world (within).”

What brought you onto the mat?


“The first time it was out of interest. The second time, I was in a bad place physically and mentally, it was suggested I tried yoga. I started going regularly and my whole life changed dramatically, I fell in love with the practice and more importantly myself. “

How would you say your yoga practice has evolved over the last couple of years?


“Hugely! Yoga has helped build my strength and my mind. At first my yoga practice was all about the yoga pose then gradually the depth, the healing, wholesome nature of the practice began to nourish me. I no longer did yoga to get into the pose, I did yoga to move into the space in my mind, to go within, to understand myself, to make a difference.”


In what ways has yoga affected your life, and lifestyle?


“I don’t know how deep you want me to go, because in all honesty yoga changed my life.”


 How would you describe yourself as a teacher? What can a student expect when they come to your class?


“A student once described me as ‘calm but powerful’ and I like that. I’d like to think I give people the space to find a sense of peace and calm but at the same time allow them to see the great potential they have, the power we all have within.”


Favourite posture, or aspect of practice?


“You know what I love? Child’s pose (balasana) how can you compete with that? It’s so grounding, I love it. You can never child’s pose enough I say.”

What would you say to someone who feels they can’t practice yoga because they don’t have the “right kind of body”?


“If you can breathe you can do yoga – can you argue with that?”


 When you’re not on your mat, you are…


“Adventuring, exploring, walking up mountains, climbing, developing my yoga practice, drinking wine or napping – you gotta have balance!”


 What are your goals for the future? Yoga or non-yoga!


“I just love to keep on learning. At the minute I’m so thirsty for knowledge, I have piles of yoga-related books to read I have my 300hr training I’m currently doing and that excites me! I guess my goals are to become the best I can be and to be happy, simple hey? And maybe another trip to Bali…”

Find Lucy on the Mat:

Durham; Thursday & Saturday, The Den; Monday & Thursday, The Studio; Friday