Kapha Dosha

The Kapha dosha is the combination of the earth and water element. It holds the building blocks of life, and is the primary dosha from which all others arise. It carries the principles of protection, nourishment and stability and is generated from its seat in the lungs. It exists in all the body fluids, and structural components such as muscle.

People with a predominance of kapha in their nature tend towards a heavier body type, and a slower pace of life. They are grounded and grounding, considerate and measured. When in balance the kapha dosha creates thoughtfulness, loyalty and calmness, a relaxed and easy-going approach to life that enables them to move gracefully and with the flow. When out of balance it leads to sluggishness, lethargy a resistance to healthy change and a tendency to withdraw and hibernate, holding on to negative emotions and heavy thoughts.

Asana Practices that balance the kapha dosha involve building heat and energy, whilst moving stagnation in the chest. Sequences that involve backbending, side bends, abdominal work and inversions are complimented by pranayam such as kapalabhati, bhastrika and ujayi.