Pitta Dosha

Pitta is made primarily from fire, and also a little of the water element. It carries the powers of transformation and the capacity to metabolise. It’s seat is in small intestine, although it exists in all the digestive organs and the eyes.

People with a predominant pitta dosha will tend towards lean, muscular bodies, with strong agni and a warm body temperature. Pitta fosters a sharp and questioning mind and strong sense of drive and determination. When balanced, pitta supports warmth, compassion, intelligence and good leadership and decision making. Pitta people will enjoy routine, but are open to experience and spontaneity. However, when out of balance pitta can manifest as impatience, irritability and even aggression alongside narrow viewpoints and a risk of obsession. Physical symptoms include heartburn, ulcers, and a propensity towards skin issues and inflammation.

Practices that balance Pitta are soft, and cooling. Heat will particularly collect in the abdominal area, so asana that create space and dispel heat from the abdominal area such as side bends, prone backbends, twists and forward folds will provide a counterbalance, especially when combined with cooling pranayama such as sitali or more simply a focus on extending the exhale.