Vata Dosha

The vata dosha is formed from the elements of wind and space. It governs the principles of movement, change and changeability. It seat is in the colon, but it pervades the entire body in its nutritive form vayu and is has loci in the heart, pelvic cavity and waist.

People with a dominant vata dosha are likely to be thin and lightly build who both think and act quickly. When balanced vata supports creativity, intelligence and curiosity, productivity and enthusiasm. However, when out of balance vata underpins indecisiveness, anxiety, insomnia and indigestion with a body type that risks instability and struggles to hold on to or build weight.

Asana practices that will support the balancing of vata energy are grounding, and contain movement (although it will be important to ensure there is enough movement to hold their attention!). Sama Vritti, chanting and sounding breaths like brameri will help to soothe and calm the mind, whilst asanas that strengthen and create stability in the pelvis and legs will aid balance.