The Moon Tune In

After a busy few months, I’m diving back into sharing monthly musings on the lunar energies from new moon to full moon. I was prompted by a friend sending me a picture from 5 years ago, on the beach in Tynemouth having our full moon fire ceremony, (thanks for the reminder Fae)

Full Moon Ceremony - Tynemouth 2014

Full Moon Ceremony - Tynemouth 2014


Each month Chris and I still have a little ceremony in our garden, this usually consists of making a gratitude Despacho and burning this on the fire. Being very mindful we don’t burn down our wooden fence…

We open space, cleanse anything we wish to over the fire, and reflect. It’s a real therapeutic thing for us to do, and also clears my headspace, along with releasing any tensions. Afterwards, I always have a Himalayan salt bath and try to have a media/tv free evening, really indulging in some peaceful time and space.

We have a Full Moon coming up soon, Monday 17th 9.30am, as usual, we are expecting some heightened emotions, however as the full moon is between 2 relatively calm signs - Gemini and Sagittarius - Air and Fire signs, expect a relaxed and positive energy. Be mindful that if you fight against anything at this time, your energy could be crushing what really needs to be moving, allowing things to flow will allow for the harmony to play out.

We also have the Summer Solstice upon us this month on the 21st June. The longest day of the year, midsummer, the peak of earth energy and time to indulge in the abundance of light.


Your Moon Ceremony

At the time of the full moon, think about the intentions and goals for the next month.

Work with gratitude for lessons learnt in this past month.

Forgive any wrongdoings and leave a clear path, to let go and move forward into the next moon cycle.

Light a candle, or have a fire, staying safe. Working with a flame or fire represents a powerful presence of higher force on earth. The upward motion is said to similar to the upward motion of kundalini energy. Its believed to be a purifying element, removing any negative energies. With the smoke warding off unwanted energy.

Using Sage, or Agua de Florida water to cleanse space.

As a practising Shaman, I call in the directions, to open space. However, you can call in whatever energy or spirit you feel comfortable working with.

Have some quiet time in this space, releasing and connecting.

If you have any crystals or sacred items, this is a perfect opportunity to cleanse them, by passing them over the flame.

“Fire allows for rapid transformation. it provides the avenue to let go of the old story and drama, to transform, to renew and be reborn.” Alberto Villoldo