Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram.

  • truth, auspiciousness and beauty. 

The lotus has long represented the unfolding energy of the human heart and soul. A mysterious inner guide that functions through something more like remembering than learning.

It’s petals open with the rising sun, and close with its setting. A symbol of its cyclic harmony and the purest of spiritual conceptions; drinking in the light of prana and then resting. Digesting.

Grown from murky, and muddy water, the lotus remains beautiful and untainted. It shows us that the conditions of our surroundings do not directly relate to our own condition. It inspires us to remain steadfast in spite of circumstance. This metaphor is deepened further as the lotus leaf itself never gets wet despite constantly remaining in water. A simple symbol that the awakened consciousness can exist totally immersed in this world without being swayed by it. 

Pratyhara describes the stages and techniques of yoga practice wherein we decide to let our answers come from within. When we commit our awareness to the lotus heart and abandon the chatter of the mind we begin to slip beneath the surface. We dive in to subconscious waters of realisation. 

It is the moment in our yoga practice when we commit to trusting the answers that come from within.

As we move through a week focused on what it means to deeply care for the self, let this meditation be a reminder that the quiet, quiet voice, that spark of divinity accessed in meditative withdrawal, is the only opinion that counts. 

Heart Lotus Meditation

SpiritChris Jackson