Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn - 16th July

You will read the word focus a lot here…

This full moon will feel like an energised charge for us mentally, we need to focus on our direction, else we risk wasting this very useful energy.

Both the full moon and partial lunar eclipse are happening in Capricorn. Capricorn energy is certainly serious and focused which can make this astrological event a little more sobering than other full moons.

Known as a Thunder Moon, this one is pretty special, as it’s happening at the same time as a lunar eclipse (any kind of eclipse means the moon energy is going to be stronger than usual). Generally the full moons feel intense and bring endings that are highly emotional.

This full moon has an intense power, encouraging you to focus and get serious about what will bring you happiness in life. It has a very serious feel due to Saturn; the planet of responsibility and fixing things, has her energy very present at this time.

Here at YogaTherapies we try to promote a work/life balance which is pretty much where this full moon is taking you. When we make decisions we pave a new path for ourselves and the decisions you make now will affect the paths you ultimately tread and all the crossing paths of others. Ask yourself; are your decisions driven by your dharma and your passions, or are they led by your insecurities (conscious or otherwise)? This moon offers increased clarity on what it might mean to step onto the path of your power. Are you ready to take responsibility?

The changes you make now could have a serious effect that may impact you over the next few weeks, months and in fact life. For the better…

Focus in on those deep thoughts. It’ll pay off in the long run.