Part 2. A Tree with Strong Roots Laughs at Storms

Welcome back! If you haven’t read part one we recommend you start at the start as our exploration of the Bandha is not so much sequential as it is cumulative.


We began by considering pada bandha, often considered an accessory to the three primary bandhas, but nonetheless a vital one as our first point of contact (or perhaps we should say conduit) with the earth.

Our next stop is at the mula bandha, located at the perineum. Sometimes specifically described as housed in the ‘levator ani’ muscle (exactly where the name would suggest it is), but more generally in the muscles of the pelvic floor. Mula bandha is inseparable from our muladhara or root chakra, which is anatomically housed in the same area. And much like the muladhara, whose activation begins in the heels, how we engage the entirety of our legs or roots affects the efficacy of our mula Bandha. the rest of the article here: 

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