Spring Intentions.

Spring is experienced universally as a fresh starting point; a time of growth and of expansion and buoyancy. Certainly, as the sun creeps ever more reliably into view and meadows of colour spring up all around us, it’s hard not to feel inspired and somewhat supported by the turnings of the natural world around us.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), springtime is associated with the element of wood; characterised by its meandering and slow unfurling, simultaneously upwards and downwards. Rooting, growing, reaching. Progressive yet patient. Considered and unafraid to detour.

The wood element finds its home in our physical bodies with the liver and gall-bladder meridians which wrap up the outer and inner edges of the body. The gall-bladder energy (when balanced) is credited with powers of discernment and importantly the courage necessary to act on initiative, transforming the vitality that grows in the watery subconscious of winter into focused action. Control of the peripheral nervous system and its careful streams of constant feedback from our surroundings are linked to the wood element and its observant and timely nature.

It’s ‘virtue’ is forgiveness, considered the polar of frustration.

As we move into spring at YogaTherapies we will be taking extra time to explore side bends and balances in practice, exploring the strengths and tensions that help steer and support our onward progress, and the mindsets that underlie them.

An intention to remain rooted in our experience, stand tall in the moment, and feed curiosity and creativity as we continue to unfurl.