Preparing for a Yoga Mala

As we lead up to the YogaMatters North East Yoga Mala this Saturday a few questions keep popping up!


Here's a little post to help put your mind at ease...




1) How do I know when I've done all 108?

Easy... we'll be counting for you! After we've opened with a short meditation to unite our focus, and some chanting to wake up our energy, each of the four teachers will be leading you through 27 salutations. Each 27 will have a distinct theme that is presented all around the world as many other tribes join the Global Mala project... read more here

We will then conclude the practice with a guided savanna and some time to socialise! (Plus all attendees will receive a free gift from YogaMatters!)



108 that sounds like a lot! Will I be able to do it? 

Yes! 108 might sound like a lot of sun salutations, but for those with a regular practice it will not feel too dissimilar in difficulty to a standard 90minute class.


What happens if I need a rest?

That's absolutely fine! The most important thing is the communal moving of energy. We will be teaching several different variations of the salutations with modifications for all. You are welcome to rotate through the modifications as necessary to keep your body feeling good!


If to continue with you integrity you would like to take one or two (or ten!) rounds in child's pose then all we ask if that you continue to follow the visualisation of the movements and breathe in sync with the group.



Can I bring water in?

Yes of course. Water will need to be in sealed bottle, but bring as much as you like! We do no recommend bringing in food however as there will not be opportunity to eat it throughout. Make sure you have a good breakfast (this is our favourite!) and have a banana or your favourite pre-yoga snack on hand for before you step on to your mat.



Should I prepare an intention?

If you would like to! The Mala is a powerful meditative process, and is a wonderful opportunity for you to work deeply with personal intentions if you have them, alongside the global intentions we will be sharing on the day.



Anything else we should know?

The cost is £5, with proceeds going to support work by the Phoenix Prison trust, bringing yoga to prisons across the U.K. And you can sign up HERE


See you on the mat soon!