Ceremony for the New Moon.

As we look forward to tonight’s Moon Ceremony led by Lauren, we wanted to share a little from Lauren about why this practice is so important to her and what you can expect. Here’s what she had to say;

“I’m so excited to be hosting tonight’s New Moon Ceremony over at the Stack!

I started leading sharing circles and moon ceremonies with my friends last year. After I taught them yoga, we’d create an alter in the middle one of my friend’s living rooms, eat chocolate, journal, share and talk about whatever thoughts/ feelings were coming through, cry, laugh, pull cards and meditate. The first one I held coincidently took place on World Mental Health Day. That was the beginning of something beautiful. It brought me and my friends who attended closer together. We dropped our masks, found strength to be vulnerable. They taught me that I need to be less of a lone wolf, that I too need to share and be held by others sometimes.

I felt this deep knowing that this kind of work was part of my purpose and truth. This was such an emotional moment for me as I had felt quite lost for a long time. I went to university to study English Literature with the intention of becoming a secondary teacher. After completing second year of university, I decided it wasn’t for me. I knew I wanted to teach and help people, just not as a school teacher. I graduated with a 2:1, but for a few years, I felt quite lost and the future seemed terrifying to me as everything seemed quite foggy. After a while, I was done with not feeling ok so I decided to take radical responsibility to begin the process of healing, to work on myself to reconnect me to my truth, which has lead me to this beautiful and exciting point that has helped me find the light again.

Working with the new moon is something I do for my personal practice. The beauty of the New Moon is that it encourages you to dive deep into the shadows and darkness, to dive deep into your emotions and love yourself unconditionally. This New Moon will offer us extra magic as a solar eclipse will also be taking place on this day to encourage us to dive even deeper into this work!

In general, new moons offer an amazing opportunity for a clean slate, new beginnings, to let go of energies/ situations from the past that we don’t want to carry forward, and to assist us in setting new intentions for this next cycle. Each new moon in it’s astrological sign helps guide us to deepen our connection with our intuition and strengthen our self development/ spiritual work. Particular themes during this new moon in Cancer are: emotions, intuition, home, self care, femininity. Hopefully the inner work will benefit you as well as other people and beings as a result.

What I particularly love about the moon is the lessons and the medicine it provides. From following the moon, I’ve been taught to trust that: everything is temporary, the darkness, won’t last forever, the light will return.

It’s so encouraging to see more sharing circles/ moon events pop up in Newcastle. During a time where there is ironically so much disconnection, community and sharing circles are key. The moon ceremonies are open for both men and women. If you feel the call to attend, please book your spaces or keep your eyes peeled for any future events.”

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