A simple morning sip to combat autumnal anxiety

The season of autumn is characterised by the element of wind and a dryness left behind as the summer heat settles.

Although for pitta and kapha types this will feel like an overdue breath of fresh air, with the soothing relief of cooler mornings and evenings, those with a vata dominant constitution may be left feeling a little too ‘dry’ and swept off their feet leading to anxiety.

For simple remedy, switch out morning coffee for a glass of room temperature water, with fresh lemon or lime squeezed in and the tiniest pinch of high quality rock or pink salt.

The rich minerals and vitamins of the limes and the warmth of the water will help maintain healthy balance in the bowels, whilst loosening ‘ama’ or toxins that have accumulated in the body from the excesses of summer leaving you calm, cleansed and replenished.