Finding Balance in Late Summer

The season of late summer is a transitory time, as the energy of our environments begins to change direction and turn back inwards and downwards. Notably, after 6 months of the temperatures rising, our body switches gears around early august.

As the angle of the sun changes, and those northernly winds pick up we notice both a sharp change in temperature and the days becoming shorter again. Frequent thunderstorms herald the abrupt change as energies crash with fantastical force, and we are likely to be feeling that conflict internally with periods of mugginess and clarity alternating through the days and nights.

As august feeds into september we are particularly vulnerable to illness, as our body diverts a lot of resources to stabilising its temperature. For those of you not bound by the school calendar, this is a wonderful time to take a short break or vacation to ease yourself through this transition.

Supporting Balance…


As the air gets cooler you’ll find yourself craving more carbohydrates, and after the summer heat subsides, you’ll be in need of some electrolytes replacing! It’s good to avoid diuretic foods such as parsley and celery and instead add earthier vegetables such as sweet potatoes, alongside good sources of fats and proteins and don’t shy away from adding a sprinkle of good salt to your recipe.

Its common to experience some symptoms of muscle cramps, dry skin, tired eyes and constipation, and is a great time to reconnect with your abhyanga practice and add this simple elixir to your morning routine.


As we lose the natural heat from the environment we will benefit from adjusting our practice so that it begins to build, and hold a little extra heat in our core. This is a time for stripped back and strong practices, free from the extroverted and playful postures that celebrate the summer energy, and instead full of poses that pull blood into our muscles and keep that furnace rolling.