A Total Eclipse...

Our universe has always been a source of immense wonder to me, and eclipses are a particularly rare and beautiful treat! 

Despite the fact that eclipses are essentially the blocking of the sun's light, and it may seem like this moment of temporary darkness would have negative connotations, the reverse is true. Rather a Solar Eclipse is like an amplified New Moon and offers the chance of transformation as we have an opportunity to break out of the viewpoint we currently hold, and appreciate the light anew. Sometimes these realisations can be challenging, yet they will make their benefits known soon enough. 


Sadly, the total eclipse will not be visible from the UK, though we will be able to see a partial eclipse just before sunset – provided the skies are relatively clear.  The eclipse will start at around 7.30pm and will peak at 8.04pm in London and 7.58pm in Edinburgh and will last for around 40 minutes. If you have the opportunity try to catch it. The ancients believed that during a Solar Eclipse the light of the Sun would give way to the darkness in order to be transformed.

This momentary darkness was believed to be highly spiritual as it would allow the Sun to return even brighter and more energetic in the sky. An energetic reboot for us all!

These changes may not be visible immediately as this Eclipse has a veil like effect that can shield us from seeing the full story. It is often not until the energies have settled down that the full truth can emerge and clarity shows. Although we can struggle with change, allowing ourselves to accept and sit with it will be the best thing we can do for our own energies. Be cautious to avoid miscommunication and take time out to check your own patience.

Over the next few mornings on waking breathe deeply and give your body and mind a few extra minutes to stretch, if you have the time warm up with some seated postures, and sun salutations, and finish with a good 5 minute savasana.