Marma Point Massage, Self Facial Routine.

This Self Care Ritual will be focusing on facial Marma points, releasing pressure in our head, and minds.

Benefits of relieving stress and tension, increasing circulation, and lymph drainage, stimulates pranic energy. Calms nerves and reduces fatigue, which in turn assists with a better quality sleep, which helps restore the body and boosts immune response.

A Marma point facial balances me, unblocking nadis leaves me feeling both relaxed and energised.

20 mins of this will also help with sinus issues, beginnings of colds, and that fuzziness we feel from that central heating blast.

The Routine.

Step One

I always start with a good thorough cleanse, balancing Bog Myrtle plant cleanser is my go to at the moment from West Barn Co, this cleanser works in harmony with your skin with brightening and refreshing qualities, and is self-toning. It comes with an organic cotton and bamboo cloth which gently exfoliates and helps with renewing. This particular cloth I love as its hand woven by the Genesh family in Kerela, supporting their organic cotton farm, knowing where products have come from is becoming more critical in this overproduced world.

I use coconut oil for a smooth flow of pressure, and not to drag the skin.

Take a good scoop of the oil to achieve a smooth glide of the fingers across the skin.

Massaging face and neck pressure should be a light touch, skin on your face is very delicate. Each point can be repeated 3-4 times, nicely increasing the circulation.

Starting at your Neck • with both palms, lightly massage upwards from collarbone to chin, moving on your...

Chin • place the index finger of your right hand in the cleft above the chin, and the middle finger beneath the chin. Slide your fingers up the jawline to the right ear. Repeat on your left side using the left hand, and you can increase the pressure slightly as you reach the ear. Moving towards your..

Cheeks • using the index fingers massage from chin to nose along the smile line, then with the palms massage your cheeks upwards from the edge of mouth to your temples, then to our...

Eyes • we need to be very delicate, so using ring finger, place beneath the eyebrow where it meets your nose and glide outwards using very light pressure, following the eye socket around beneath the eye and back to where you started.

Third eye • starting at the side of each nostril, use the index and middle fingers to massage up the length of your nose continuing to the middle of the forehead, your third eye which is your 6th chakra.

Forehead • Using your middle and ring fingers of one hand massage from the bridge of the nose between the eyebrows upwards towards the hairline

With your four fingers of the right hand sweep the fingers from left to right across the forehead, then use the left side and sweep fingers from right to left across the forehead

Finish by massaging each of the Marma points; these are best massaged in a circular clockwise motion with your middle finger; however, you can change to your ring finger for an even lighter touch.

Centre of the chin

The corners of the mouth

Between nose and upper lip

The outer corners of the nose

Centre of cheekbones

Lower lids,  just above the cheekbones – this skin is too delicate for massage, press gently

Between eyebrows and nose,  on the lower part of the eyebrow ridge


Third eye

Crown of the head: place hands on the crown of the head and move back and forth rapidly.

To finish, apply your favourite serum, oil, or cream. Tonight I’m using, repairing and hydrating serum - Essential Restore serum, under Q10 Antioxidant Night cream, finishing with a spritz of Coconut dew.

I’ve immersed myself into West Barn Co, as all of West Barn Co products are handmade in the North of England, using natural and organic ingredients. Also, use only vegetable and plant-based ingredients, so their products are suitable for vegan use. Also, the products are animal cruelty-free.

 Also being mindful of the environment they only use lightweight, PET plastic containers that are recyclable.