Banishing the 'June Gloom'

As we make the transition into summer and the fire qualities of the season of Pitta, it’s time to shake off the final fog of the ‘June Gloom!’

Spring is Kapha season; as the world around us progresses from the first thawings in late winter to the heavy damp and rains of May and June we can also experience a build up of kapha qualities in our systems. Imbalances of kapha range from a build up of mucus and congestion or the triggering of allergies and often leave us feeling unduly lethargic with heavy, foggy thoughts.

If we don’t wring that muddy damp out of our bodies then those imbalances will start to settle and manifest as an aggravation of pitta qualities; inflammation and poorly functioning lymphatic and digestive systems. Rather than connecting to the vitality of the summer energies we risk carrying the gloomy mood forwards with us.

Asana Practices to clear out Kapha ready for a summer of vitality!

  1. Kapha accumulates in the thighs and the front of the legs. More bent knee poses in your practice will ensure you fire up your thighs to break up stagnant circulation and charge the lymphatic system.

  2. When it comes to shifting stagnation you can’t beat a twist! Focus on standing twists to amplify the benefits at this time of year.

  3. Warm the body slowly…but thoroughly! When the first sunny days shine through much of our pitta energy is drawn to the surface which can often leave our core depleted and affect our digestion. Avoid too much cold food, or if you can’t resist that ice cream balance it with the slow stoking of agni sara to maintain the prefect balance.