November full moon intentions

This full moon in November is known as the frost moon, or the beaver moon; as at this time of year the cool fresh frosty mornings begin to lead us into winter, and traditionally this is the time that furs would be sought out to warm us through the next few months.

This full moon will be spectacularly bright due to its current proximity to us (only Decembers moon will be brighter this year), and is in the earth sign of Taurus, promising to shower us with abundance.  Indeed the number 11 in numerology is sacred, representing divinity, rebirth and a higher consciousness. 


Yet this moon also holds another name, the mourning moon. Last months full moon energy began our reflection upon endings with the natural shifting of cycles into autumn, yet this month we asked how these cycles move into us personally.  

The primary theme for November is the turning of the soil, and asks us to dig deep, and to see what it is that we have been neglecting beneath the surface. To turn up, to inspect and to feed our ground in preparation for new seeds to be planted. 

As we turn the soil of our lives, we are not only uncovering elements we have turned away from, but also real gifts that we had forgotten we were blessed with. We are given the opportunity to turn our attention and to direct our nourishment, both to the new, and to the deserving old, as we begin to prepare for new journeys ahead. 

Deb Seth-JacksonComment