YOMALA 200hr Testimonials - Previous Students Experience

“The 200 hour teacher training was a completely transformational experience for me, not only in my yoga practice, but in my personal practice and development. I loved the course, and felt supported, inspired and guided throughout. The course also gave me access to an array of other events, styles, practitioners and workshops linked to the studio, so I gained so much in my development as a yogi, as well as inspiration and ways to develop my own style and approach to teaching.”

-Grace, 29

“I completed the 200hr teacher training course with Chris and YogaTherapies in 2018, and without sounding like a walking cliche can say hand on heart it did in fact change my life. I went from aimlessly wandering, feeling without true purpose, not knowing who I was or where I wanted to be… to a qualified, knowledgable yoga teacher with passion, drive and commitment to my practice. I learnt so much about myself on this journey, built confidence I never believed I could, and watched others around me do the same. The process was genuinely transformative.”

- Jeannie, 28

“Doing the 200hr YTT at YogaTherapies was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Chris is an incredibly knowledgable and supportive mentor, along with the rest of the wonderful staff and assistants. I made friendships I now cherish, extensively deepened my knowledge and understanding of the practice, and coming from a background in law, am hugely looking forward to a not so far off future career as a full time Yoga teacher!”

-Anna, 27

“Each weekend Chris would impart his wisdom and knowledge upon us, we’d delve into the depths of practice, the philosophy and so much more. The beauty of having the course spread out across the year meant I had the time to take bits away, put them into practice and really understand everything. I’m now a full time yoga teacher in the North East of England. Yomala teacher training is the best thing I’ve ever done.”

- Lucy 22

“What started out as a way to deepen my knowledge of all things yoga became so much more than that, it became an on-going journey into myself and a realisation that I wished to share yoga with others. The teacher training at YogaTherapies has opened the doors to new possibilities, and who would have thought (I wouldn’t!) that I would now be guiding 4 yoga classes a week and waking up in the morning doing something that I love. For me, it has been much deeper routed than becoming a yoga teacher, the training has given me inner confidence, self belief and acceptance that anything is possible. I am such a different person from just over a year ago; stronger, more whole maybe, happier. Such gratitude for the friendships that have been made and for the endless knowledge, encouragement, support and guidance received from Chris and everyone at the Yomala teacher training and for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

Magic happens at yoga therapies 200hr teacher training!”

- Debbie P

“I worked in medical research and had been practicing yoga for more than 5 years. I am a qualified Personal Trainer, but loved Yoga and really felt that this was wanted to teach in the long-term. A friend introduced me to the YogaTherapies studio and told me that they were going to run a 200hr YTT course soon. I attended some classes led by Chris Jackson, which I really enjoyed and so decided to invest in attending one of his workshops to see what I thought of his teaching style and if this was the course/tutor for me. I was immediately convinced. The course ran over 10 weekends throughout the year, (Saturday-Sunday; 9-5pm) with Yoga Intensives in the mornings and theory in the afternoons. This worked extremely well as we were challenged in the intensives as they were advanced and were designed to give us space to explore the limits of our own practice. In the afternoons discussed the morning practice, the sequence, why it was put together in the order it was and any issues we had with the sequences with respect to cueing students in the future.  We also discussed what alternative poses to give students when they were inappropriate or too challenging for them. The remaining time we worked through the very thorough and easily accessible workbook that accompanied the course and which Chris is constantly updating and improving. We also have access to the online teacher training site and a shared Facebook page for the trainees that were on our course that meant that we had a ready-made support group and a new set of life-long friends and colleagues.As part of the training we were required to write and teach sequences to each other after which they were critiqued and discussed on how to improve them if necessary. We were also shown how to assist students and then were able to put this into practice in some of Chris’ classes under his supervision. This gave us the chance to put into practice things we had learnt. Chris is very approachable, a great instructor both in a yoga class environment but also as a teacher in a learning environment. He is incredibly knowledgeable and open to any questions without judgement and has obviously spent many hours training and broadening his experience.”

- Sally C

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