July; eclipses and opportunities.

After the peak of the solstice in June, July marks the beginning of a steady, but inevitable shift in a different and quite probably somewhat surprising direction. Ensure you leave contingency for a little chaos this month! 

With two eclipses occurring on the 2nd and the 16th and mercury heading into retrograde on the 7th, we can all look forward to a month of (potentially!) momentous developments, as the contents of our subconscious are brought to the forefront of our attention. As each eclipse will only last a short period of time we are reminded of the necessity sometimes to act quickly, and trust our instinct rather than leave time for the conscious mind to work through its slow decision making process. Too much time pondering might mean we miss the window for transformation! 

For those of you that joined us for the Sankalpa Shakti workshop in January, now is the perfect time to open your journals as the eclipse we will experience this month is the culmination of the solar eclipse we experienced on January 5th that the years opening workshop was built around. Hopefully you are already starting to see the fruits of your practice, however, if not, you have another six months before this eclipse cycle concludes December 26th to get your intentions into gear. 

Most of all, eclipses offer us a profound invitation inwards. They are a time for simple eating, and nourishing practices that function to conserve energy rather than expend it. A time for deep digging, and the digestion of experience and emotion.

Meditational, and mantra practices particularly are primed to yield deeper insight and alignment with each single repetition taught to be as powerful as 100 repetitions on a typical day. The solar eclipse reminds us that when everything lines up just right even something seemingly very small, can affect something very big, so take note of where you are casting your shadows this month as it may have more of an effect than you would suppose! 

Chris Jackson