Sacred Cacao

Cacao, prized for its active ingredient ‘theobromine’ which literally means “food of the gods” has been used in ceremony from the ancient Mayan civilisation to present day shamans and their communities. The name cacao, derives from the Mayan root Ka’kau, which translates as “to drink together.”

Putting aside the deliciousness of chocolate, cacao has many medicinal qualities. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and is a particularly potent tonic for cardiovascular health. Cacao contains anandamide, also known as the bliss molecule, that readily interacts with our systems to release the bodies feel good hormones and clear out systems of low mood, whilst it’s caffeine content facilities a deeper focus during the ceremonial meditation and helps to open our creative faculties. 

Unlike other Shamanic healing plants that induce hallucinogenic, journeying or out of body effects, cacao ceremonies are rich, earthy and maternal. Encouraging us to stay grounded, and rebalance the elements within ourselves, whilst opening our arms to the community around us. 

Ceremonies vary from occasion to occasion, but all will include an element of reflection, cleansing and intention sitting. Importantly, practices are engaged with to allow the heart centre to open and soften for a more complete and blissful experience of life. 

SpiritChris Jackson