Roasted Roots Soup

This nourishing soup is supercharged, and super simple, plus once everything is chopped and peeled there is very little to do!

Start by frying the onions until soft (approx 5 mins), then add them to a large pan, add in all the vegetables (chopped and peeled of course!) bring to a simmer and leave with the lid on for a good 3 hours. Blend the soup to your preference and serve with an added spoonful of greek yoghurt and a sprinkling of coriander. 



Carrots (approx 3 large, chopped and peeled),

Celariac (1, chopped and peeled),

Two leeks, (halved, then chopped),

Swede (1, chopped and peeled),

Onion (1, small. chopped and peeled),

Vegetable stock (1.5 litres),

and, plenty of freshly ground black pepper.


To garnish greek yoghurt and fresh, chopped coriander.