Thinking about starting yoga?

If you’ve been thinking about starting up yoga, I can understand why. Yoga benefits your body and mind, and is an unstoppable force of good in the battle against daily stressors.

Without getting too obsessively detailed to the point where you’re falling asleep sitting up, I’ll jump into a brief yoga history. Developing in Northern India thousands of years ago, in literal terms, yoga means “union”.

Believe it or not, experts widely believe that yoga has been practiced since the dawn of civilization. Yoga has roots that run back as far as 2700 B.C., but started to really develop and take hold as a form of maintaining physical health between 500 B.C. – 800 A.D.

When you practice yoga, you are essentially looking to bring your physical and mental existence into complete harmony through movement and the willful regulation of your breath. Or you want a killer body. Yoga can do both (multi-tasker).

Contrary to popular belief, yoga does not identify with any particular religion, but focuses on reaching individual optimal health and wellness.The ultimate purpose of yoga, however, is to create a higher awareness of self.

That is not as spiritual as it sounds. The concept is simple: by being aware of our own self we are better able identify as an individual. With that identification comes the empowerment to build on personal strengths and make positive life changes.

This guide will provide you with complete preparation for taking the first steps into your yoga journey, whether you plan to practice at home or in a class setting. Roll out your mat and hang on to your wheatgrass shots – it’s going to be a fun ride….

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