Breathing life into your weekend.

I recently read an article in the guardian titled 'who killed the weekend?' and it struck me just how right the author is! As a self-employed business owner a day truly 'off' is a rarity, especially, as the convenience of modern day technology often means that no matter where I am my iphone will lovingly remind me that I have some notifications waiting. Fortunately for me, my role also offers me the tools to rebalance my attention and my energy!


Yoga, whenever, wherever and however it is practiced offers us the perfect opportunity to move back from the world. We retreat into that somehow sacred space always waiting in the confines of our mat, and there we are free to unwind. We take the opportunity to truly pause, or 'switch off' our doing mind, and settle back into the natural state of being.


Many different terminologies are used; the witness state,  your highest self, but the term I favour, is simply the observer. To me it captures the essence perfectly of slipping into the middle and just watching. Yoga creates a space where we are able to view ourselves from a different lense, not one coloured by the requirements of our day to day to life, but one that first and foremost sees Us. Non-judgmentally, and inescapably honest, when we become the observer of our own experience we can see clearly what it is our system truly needs, and we then have a choice when we step of the mat. Can we honour that? Perhaps for this reason on friday nights our Yoga practice is at its most potent. 


Here's three reasons you should go to Yoga on a Friday night; 


1. End the Week on your terms. 

Good week, bad week, somewhere in the middle week, it doesnt matter! Your practice offers the space to pause and integrate or release that experience. 


2. Integration creates Inspiration.

Our working week often leaves us locked into left-brain analytics and an overly critical way of viewing our surroundings. Yoga fosters whole brain integration, reconnecting us with our inspirations and creativity. Moreso, this whole brain stimulation allows us to make new connections, solve problems, and see things from a more global perspective helping to resolve any niggling hang over from the week ready for a fresh start. 


3. You will always have something to look forward to! 

Lets face it. You know how good you feel after a yoga class regardless of how you felt before you started.... especially with that extra time in savasana! (read about the mythology of savasana here.) Why not let that be the perfect end to every week?