Full Moon Reflections.

9th July 2017. This full moon feels like its pulling in opposite directions at once. Emotions can run high and intense energies can overwhelm us with this full moon yet there is also a real chance of compromise and peace in the air, so have your wits about you during this period to determine which of those two avenues you head down! 

The energy of intensity transforms through destruction and renewal. This one is as powerful as a full moon can get. If you are usually tuned into the full moons and experience a high energetic pull, you may notice this moon is the most all-powerful, and all-consuming. 

Take care not to react too strongly to overpowering feelings. Your intuition may be correct but could obscure your rational thought processes and conscious judgement skills. Keep away or remove yourself from negative environments. 

Find some time to feel light, breathe in the summer air, even if is wet and cloudy, just allow the fresh air to cool your thoughts and cleanse your mind. A nice 10 minute meditation to down regulate with some soothing and balancing oils (chamomile or sandalwood) in the back ground.