Journaling Exercise - Evolving intention

How exactly do we begin to work with our intentions on a deeper, and more compassionate level? 

First. We need to bring them into the here and now.  If an ‘intention’ or a goal is rooted in the future, there is an inevitable dissatisfaction until that end point arrives. It is not only subjective, but conditional and inherently incomplete. 

Even more complicated, when we are anchored to the future we are ultimately out of control. Perhaps we reach our goal… but our mindset means it is fleeting. Satisfaction is temporary. We need our next goal, and as we continue to leave ourselves behind to see our next intention our bodies, and our worlds become increasingly empty.

And if we don’t reach it? We are plagued with feelings of incompetance and dissatisfaction, self doubt. Our energy is sapped and we feel drained on all levels. 

Compassionate intention is process oriented. It engages with the current moment and is in essence inherently complete as such. It can still be progressive, and is often far more expansive than the future oriented approach. It release us from the illusion that we can force the outcome we want, and instead broadens our perspective, and as such broadens our horizons. It opens us up to deeper and more expansive sensation and emotion and it is constantly evolving. 


Stage one: 

Turn to a fresh page in your journal… and right at the top of the page write down (in full!) the intention you are wanton to work with.

Now… rephrase it. Take out any unnecessary words and reformulate it so that it is in the present tense.

For example, if you intention was, “I really would like to be able to write a great journal post.”, Your newly refined intention could be, “I write great journal posts.” 


Stage two:

Looking at your intention…what elements are already in place that support this intention in your life? 

What talents or skills do you have that contribute to your great journal posts? What passions fuel your writing? And what is the ethical, or moral framework that underpins the process for you? 

Write the answers to all those questions down. Let your attention to focus on what is already available NOT what is missing. 


Stage three:

List all of the benefits that you will receive as this intention is realised in your life. For example, you might be able to write your blog posts so wonderfully that someone offers to pay you a full time salary simply to write your blog and all you have to worry about again is loving writing your blog! 

 In this stage don’t worry about being realistic… be spontaneous and write EVERYTHING that crosses your mind down. 


Stage four:

Start to track the ways that your daily life and your intentional process interlace. The more deeply you can incorporate your intention, the more powerfully it will manifest. 

As you move through your day take time to notice… is this thought/action/deed aligned with my intention?

If not, is it necessary for some other reason? Still no? Put it aside! (and then make a note of this realisation in your journal so that you can watch your intention evolve!