Beginners & Returners 

alignment focused | foundational | accesible

Get the perfect start (or restart!) with our beginners & returners sessions. Open to all levels and experiences, these sessions are taught with a clear focus on the foundations of alignment and intention. Click on any class to be taken to book.

Vinyasa Classes

dynamic | strengthening | balancing

Vinyasa means "to place in a special way". Each of these curated classes build strength, stability and stamina by uniting progressive movements and breath. Their cumulative nature and therapeutic core means there is always room for modifications and extra challenges! Click on any class to be taken to book.

Restorative & Meditation

supportive | relaxing | reflective

Need some wind down in your week? These classes take extra time to relax! All of our restorative sessions are led with nurturing at their core; supportive props, a gentle pace and the perfect space to rebalance the trials of modern life. Click on any class to be taken to book.

Classes at The Den, Newcastle Centre

coming soon!


Specialist Sessions

tailored | responsive | unique

Our specialist sessions cater for a variety of groups, from classes tailored for mums and new babies, to chair based classes and sessions structured for the elderly.



Aerial Yoga

partner based | invigorating | unique

Enjoy a new perspective on your yoga practice, by taking your sequence to the air! These partner classes combine mat based postures, with postures supported in an aerial hammock. Enjoy inversions in a newly supported way, find deeper release and fresh challenges. 

Currently we do not have a weekly aerial yoga schedule. Please check our events listing HERE for all aerial yoga dates.


NB// Aerial yoga is included in YogaTherapies Monthly memberships, but not multi-class passes. Because of limited numbers members who book and do not attend will be charged the full price of the place.