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Overcoming Stress & Burnout

  • YogaTherapies 214a Rothbury Terrace Newcastle upon Tyne, England, NE6 5DE United Kingdom (map)

Unravel vicious cycles of stress, fatigue and emotional reactivity

The second of five workshops which provide knowledge & skills for robust, sustainable health, wellbeing & happiness.

  • Resolve stress
  • Build resilience
  • Boost your energy
  • Harmonize your emotions
  • Balance your hormones
  • Transform your mind


Nervous tension begins in the brain and spreads throughout the body affecting the adrenal glands, thyroid,neurotransmitter systems, the digestive system and the heart.

Prolonged pressure over time can become a serious threat to maintaining life long wellness. If left untreated can ultimately lead to exhaustion, fatigue and burnout. 

Stress can become embedded into every aspect of our being, our biochemistry, our structure and mechanics and the habits of our mind. 

Overcoming the stress trap requires a gentle, systematic and intelligent approach in which you are empowered to identify exactly where and how you are locked into the cycle, and how to use the appropriate resources and skills to break out.  


What you will learn:

You will explore and unravel the factors that are locking you into the stress trap;

  • Diet and nutrition
    • Habits of mind, thoughts, beliefs and emotional addictions
    • Lifestyle, history and conditioning
    • Posture, biomechanics and breathing


Identify the signs of adrenal stress, burnout and exhaustion

Understand the underlying causes of adrenal stress and dysfunction

    • The role of gut health
      • Blood sugar imbalances
      • The role of trauma, negative thoughts and unhealthy beliefs
  • Understand the role of biomechanics, breathing and intelligent forms of exercise


Learn how to support and rehabilitate adrenal function

  • Nutrition and supplements to support adrenal function
  • Down regulate the sympathetic nervous system working with
        • Breathing techniques
        • Meditation and mind training
        • Nutritional supplements


  • The role of beliefs and lifestyle management
        • Exploring beliefs, intentions and outcomes 
        • Understanding the learning cycle
        • Sustainers and drainers  
        • Time management & developing a practice


How to build a personal program to restore and sustain adrenal health and fitness


Booking & Course Information

To book your place please visit


Date 1st April 2017

Time 10 am to 5 pm

Venue Yoga Therapies

214A Rothbury Terrace


Newcastle NE6 5DE


Workshop Price £49

Workshop plus 30 minute adrenal assessment £79

Workshop plus 90 minute adrenal £120

health consultation*


Adrenal health 90 minute consultation includes the following

Kinesiology assessment and treatment addressing 

Adrenal health

Blood sugar

Breathing patterns 

Deep relaxation Adrenal Support, a 30 minute treatment including neuromuscular therapy, neurolymphatic and neurovascular massage.



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  2. Overcoming stress and burnout
  3. Balance your blood sugar and overcome type II diabetes
  4. Breathe for life
  5. Foundation skills in meditation, mind training and neuroscience



Dates for forthcoming workshops will be announced shortly

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