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Gravitation, Tension & Cohesion

  • YogaTherapies 214a Rothbury Terrace Newcastle upon Tyne, England, NE6 5DE United Kingdom (map)

When we begin to work with balances we are met with many forces, our weight and how gravity acts on it. And the forces that operate to draw us apart and back together. Gravitation is everything attracts its DEFINE.


We often have the end point of "lightness" of "ease" and of "grace" permanently in our view... yet we forget that these only exist as a balance of their opposite. Lightness, does not exist without heaviness... ease does not exist without struggle. And as we reach so hard for one, we only create an equally determined increase in the opposite! We are pushing so hard for lightness, that we see-saw between glimpses of floating, and crashing heaviness!


This weekend we will learn what it means to invite all sensations in to our core. What it means to embrace everything in the quest for unity... and for balance. Each day we will end the asana with the practice of Yoga Nidra.