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Redesign your mind

  • Yoga Therapies ltd 214-218 Rothbury Terrace Newcastle upon Tyne, England, NE6 5DE United Kingdom (map)

Meditation & Mind Training

Weekend workshop  



The mind is a bit like a wardrobe…. not everything inside is worth keeping

Say goodbye to stress, anxiety & depression

Clear out negative thoughts and beliefs

Let go of addictive habits and behaviors

Relax into blissful meditative states to calm the mind & heal the body

Enjoy powerful mental workouts to build positive emotions

Unleash your inner power to create the life you want to live 


Lose unwanted mental junk that drags you down


We will explore; 

Some extremely helpful neuroscience

How primitive structures of the brain control thoughts, behaviors & emotions

How the brain can be reprogrammed to create the mind you want

The essential role of the breath in regulating mind and body 

Amazing meditation and mind training techniques

How to harness the breath to calm the mind, reduce pain & heal the body 

How to rewire the brain for happiness

How to clean out negative thoughts and emotions

Practice powerful meditation, mindfulness and deep relaxation techniques




This is a great program for anyone new to meditation as well as established meditatorsPacked with practical tools and useful information to supercharge your mental and emotional skills.



Redesign your mind

Squeeze the juice out of life

December 10th & 11th 

Price £225

Saturday 9am to 5 pm

Sunday 10am to 4pm 


for booking please contact or call 07800 712080