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Svadhistana: The Fluid Core

  • YogaTherapies 214a Rothbury Terrace Newcastle upon Tyne, England, NE6 5DE United Kingdom (map)

We understand our body through the different tensions that run through it. Each breath is filled with the sensations of expansion and contraction, movement and aliveness. As we breath in we sense our restrictions, and our meeting point with the world, then we sense into ourselves with each exhale. In many ways this pulsing expansion is the most primal expression of ourselves, and the first way we understand the world around us.


When we lose this ability to move from our core, we begin to harden with our habits, and our habitual thought patterns. We sense 'stuck' and 'stagnant' energy, and sometimes a building of charge, just desperate to be released yet we don't know how.


This weekend we will explore what it means to operate fluidly around our own axis. We will invoke the watery creativity of our second chakra and utilise both strong, vinyasa styled practice, and soft, introspective yin practice to shed some of the preconceptions that yoga places upon us, and that our history has built up in our bodies. So that we can learn more deeply what it means to be open, and secure.