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Thai Yoga Massage Level 3.a

  • YogaTherapies 214a Rothbury Terrace Newcastle upon Tyne, England, NE6 5DE United Kingdom (map)

I am excited to announce that myself and Chris Jackson are collaborating to create and teach this new Advanced Diploma of 8 days duration at the Yoga Therapies studio in Newcastle. This new FHT accredited Diploma is split into 2 modules.

Part 1: covers Body Assesment and Correction and then develops into Dynamic Thai massage for the lower body. The dates for part 1 are Sept 25th / 28th

Part 2: covers Abdominal massage and Dynamic Thai massage for the Upper body on Nov 27th / 30th. Although people are welcome to join only one of the two modules the accredited qualification can only be awarded to those who complete both parts 1 and 2.

The Advanced Therapeutic Diploma is a fusion of Osteopathy and Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage, acting as a bridge between the Old and New, between the East and West, where the best parts of 2 great Holistic systems are brought together to create something very unique and possibly even more effective. In this course the meditative, intuitive and feeling based approach of traditional Thai Yoga massage is merged with the more precise anatomical approach of Osteopathic practice. The goal here is to produce the best framework possible at this moment in time to guide self-motivated therapists to their highest capacity as conscious, compassionate and skillful body workers

What you will learn

  • 5 Thai Yoga Massage sequences
  • Simple Muscle Testing techniques
  • Yoga Practice & Anatomy
  • Thai Yoga Therapy for specific conditions

You will also be supplied with Thai Yoga Mats to practice and a detailed 50 page colour brochure


Yoga Practice & Anatomy module: We start the day with Yoga Practice and Anatomy, which is a 2hr Yoga class focussing on the specific areas of the body to be worked throughout the day. This module will highlight the key muscle groups involved within a particular Asana, what their function is and inter-relationship to other muscle groups. The approach here will be to help each student come to a greater understanding of their body through a direct and guided experience in Yoga Asana, with an intention to enable them to transfer this knowledge into their own yoga, massage and teaching practices.

Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage: This part of the programme combines the art of Thai Yoga Massage with Dynamic Osteopathic techniques. The physical goal of this approach is to improve joint mobility, restore vitality and correcting imbalances in the bodies muscular/skeletal systems and myo-fascial trains. This module will build on the morning Yoga anatomy class to expand with specific focus on Dynamic Rhythmic techniques, Soft tissue release, Yoga Stretching, Reciprocal tension and Dynamic Compression massage.

Part 1 – Body Alignment sequence

Yoga Practice & Anatomy

Advanced Yoga Massage: Learning 20 minute Treatment & Assessment Protocol for first time clients

Anatomy: Muscular Skeletal System – Muscle Testing / Discussion

Part 1 – Integrating the Joints: Dynamic Massage Lower Back & Hip problems

Yoga Practice and Anatomy

Advanced Yoga Massage: Integrating Ankles, Knees, Hips & Spine – Releasing the Psoas

Anatomy: Joints of the lower body / Psoas & Pelvis – Inter-relationship to back pain

Part 2 – The Abdomen is the Origin

Yoga Practice & Anatomy: (emphasis on Bhandas & Pranayama)

Advanced Yoga Massage: Releasing Abdominal Fascia, Detoxification of the Internal Organs

Anatomy: Mind and Body relationships / Transverse Diaphragms

Part 2 – Creating Space in the Chest & Ribcage

Yoga Practice & Anatomy:

Advanced Yoga Massage: Dynamic Thai massage for the Upper Body

Anatomy: Breathing Process / Rib Cage / Shoulders

Part 2 – Aligning the Axis of the Head, Neck & Shoulders

Yoga Practice & Anatomy:

Advanced Yoga Massage:  Full routine for the Head, Neck and Shoulders


Price for Level 3 = £800, or £400/module.

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