Going Further…

Continuing Education to advance and diversify the understanding of the transformational core of Yoga introduced in the 200hr foundation.

100hr Yoga Therapeutics

10 modules focus on specific aspects of yoga and yoga therapy through a multidisciplinary lense that draws from ayurvedic, traditional chinese, biomedical and psychological models of health and liberation.

Each module can be taken as a standalone CPD, or as part of the full 100hr certification, with each weekend costing £150. Graduates of the 200hr will additionally receive a 300hr designation.

Modules are:

1/ The Breathing Body. Breath Rehabilitation and Exploration

2/ Relative Measures, The Elements Within Yin

3/ Sleep

4/ Somatics, Sequencing and the Spine

5/ Balancing Anxiety and Depression through Practice

6/ Working with Pain and Injury

7/ Yin Yoga and the Changing Seasons

8/ Stress, Trauma and the ANS

9/ Yoga Nidra

10/ Supporting Release; Props, Positioning and Purpose

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50 Hour Spinal Mechanics Immersion