Step 1. Click to get your free pass HERE.

Once you’ve clicked ‘here’ above a new window will open as below, click purchase.

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Step 2. Register your Details

Click, Register, (image 1) to be redirected to the registration screen (image 2). Add your details, tick to confirm you have read our T&C's, and then click sign up.

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Once you are registered you will be redirected to this page where you are able to browse our classes and memberships using the tabs in the top left, or check your existing booking by clicking on the ‘profile’ button. Please note, you will automatically be logged into one of our studios, in order to switch location click HERE and choose your preferred location schedule. Once you select a class to book, you will be prompted to add your card details to complete the booking process.

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Step 3. Book, and manage your bookings.

Once you are logged in clicking the ‘profile’ button will allow you to view your existing bookings, and if necessary cancel, update your password and update your payment details.

For extra ease download our mobile app. Search ‘glofox’ in the apple/android app store, and then search for either Yoga Therapies Studio, or Yoga Therapies Den (once logged in, members who have roaming memberships will be able to toggle between the two.)

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Still stuck? Don't worry!

Give us a call on 01914479876, or email us and we will be happy to help out.


Advance booking is not necessary, but it is recommended, however, you are always welcome to turn up! Please allow 10 minutes before the class commences to ensure time to set up your account and show you around.