Please note, that students who purchase either a membership, or class credit pack will be able to book into either of the YogaTherapies studious, however, students attending on a PAYG basis will need to have a separate booking account for each venue. These accounts can use exactly the same details, and if a membership or credit pack is purchased then they will automatically be combined and going forwards only one will be needed.


Step 1. Create your account.

Click on any future class on the timetable page, and you'll be directed to this page. If you already have details you can log in, and skip step 2, otherwise, click click an account.

Step 2. Register your Details

Add your details, tick to confirm you have read our T&C's, and then click sign up. NB// if you are setting up accounts for yourself and a family member you will need to use individual details per member. Your details are not handed on to any third parties and will only be used for direct contact with yourself. You will be added to our mailing list and kept upto date with all the latest. 

Once you are registered you will be redirected to this page where you are able to browse our classes, courses, bookings for 121 yoga and treatments and the membership options by using the tabs at the top.

NB// Before booking online you will need to add payment details (see below).


Step 3. Add Payment Details

In the top right hand corner will be a box with your email in. Here you can choose to see your bookings, how many credits/how much time is remaining on your membership and your transaction history.

In order to update your payment details, or change your password select 'settings'.

After clicking settings you will be redirected to this page:

Click add card, and fill in the appropriate boxes. Your card details are stored securely with Stripe, and will be there for whenever you would like to make a booking. Please note, if you are issued a new card, or need to update your payment details you can any time on this page. 

Your details are absolutely secure, however, if you would like to know the specifics, click HERE, to view full details of Stripes security features. 

Step 4. ENJOY!

Everything is now in place, when you click on each class you'll be able to read the full description of the class and chose to book it. If you would like to bring a friend along with you, simply click the + button in the 'book a buddy' box, and their place will be charged to your account also.

If you are planning to purchase a multi-class pass, or membership please ensure you purchase this first. Then on booking a credit will be deducted from your account. Dont forget classes marked with an * * are priced separately with relative discounts for members.

NB// If you have either the 30days of Yoga trial membership, or the full YogaTherapies Membership, you are able to reserve a spot for your friend, however, they will be charged separately on arrival as the membership costs apply for one person only. 

Still stuck? Don't worry!

Give us a call on 01914479876, or email us and we will be happy to help out.


Advance booking is not necessary, but it is recommended, however, you are always welcome to turn up! Please allow 15 minutes before the class commences to ensure time to set up your account and show you around.