Ayurvedic Balancing Infusions


Ayurvedic Balancing Infusions



In Ayurveda it is said that there are three distinct energies that circulate in the body and govern physiological activity and their differing proportions determine ones personality and physical constitution. In an ideal world, we would all be a perfect balance of the 3 energies, but most of us have a primary and secondary ‘dosha’ (energy archetype), which is further impacted by age, seasons and life circumstances. The knowledge of ones dosha offers
vital clues as to the cause, effect and cure of physical and emotional discomfort.

Our customised dosha infusions harness the finest potent herbs to harmonise the vital energies and support mind and body back into balance. The act of drying our fresh herbs at source, ensures their abundant minerals, proteins, vitamins and nutrients are captured at optimum levels. A perfect wellbeing gift to self and others, our restorative infusions are as delicious as they
are nutritious and are presented in a reusable steel vessel, with engraved spoon to enhance meaningful rituals for mindful living.


A soothing blend to balance the Vata energies that govern the nervous system. Surrender helps calm an anxious mind, ease digestion and encourage restful sleep. Our bodies are designed to keep a measured pace, yet modern life dictates we think and act ever faster, which can leave us depleted, lacking in focus and prone to anxiety, fear and wakefulness. A calming, detoxifying bouquet of sencha and green tea, fog tea, pai mu tan, jasmine, rosebuds, marigolds and cornflower blossoms combine to release emotional and physical toxins, encourage clarity and calm for a restful sleep.


A cooling infusion to balance the Pitta energies governing the bodies biochemical changes. Serenity helps alleviate emotional outbursts and hyperacidity, while purifying the blood and improving skin health. It’s a privilege to support others, be it in our capacity as a parent or in our careers, but the focus needed to give of our best all times can lead to feeling overwhelmed and lacking perspective, Serenity is a refreshing infusion of nanamint leaves, peppermint leaves, orange peels, roasted chicory root, ginger bits, dwarf everlast and cactus blossoms, which combine to help pacify inflamed skin, emotional outbursts and digestive imbalances.


A revitalising blend to balance the Kapha energies governing immunity.

Spirited helps bolster inner strength, so you can better combat lethargy, flu-like symptoms and frayed emotions. Nature invites us to hibernate and recoup our energies during winter months, yet for many this busy time of year demands we charge through when neither mind nor body feel ready or able. Spirited is grounded in tulsi – a powerful adaptogenic. This anti-oxidant rich infusion is further strengthened with rooibos, vervain, cinnamon, lemon balm leaves, apple bits, lemon grass, honeybush and marigold blossoms; combing to alleviate physical and emotional fatigue, fluid retention, nasal congestion and the common cold.

“A little goes a long way and it’s great to be able to offer anyone who is feeling out a balance, be it for diabetics, menopausal women or anyone who is under the weather, something truly pleasurable”
Bittu Kaushal - Co-Founder Mauli

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