Pure Muslin Cloth - set of 7

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Pure Muslin Cloth - set of 7



Woven from 100% pure cotton, our generous cleansing cloths offer
an effective first step to removing dull, dead skill cells and impurities. As well as supercharging your daily cleansing ritual and removing deeply embedded make-up and grime; a gentle scrub with our muslin cloths helps stimulate circulation, which results in cells regenerating faster. Skin looks instantly brighter, plumped, toned and better prepared
for the next stage of your skincare ritual.

These beautifully presented muslin cloths make everyday essentials for all the

family. For women, they are are far more effective at removing make-up than cleansers alone, not to mention, using these means you use far less product. For men, they offer gentle exfoliation, which results in fewer ingrown hairs and a better shave. For younger children, they help foster good hygine habits and make removing oil and grime from skin far easier than a splash of water.

Combine with our Radiance Exfoliant for a considered duo that leaves skin beautifully cleansed, softened and glowing. Presented in our signature screen printed bag, these make inexpensive yet thoughtful gifts.

“I love the idea of offering products that are pure, simple and super versatile.
My husband uses our muslin cloths to exfoliate his skin, I use them to remove make-up, my son uses them to clean his grimy face. I also gift these to friends with newborns, as they are gentle enough for little ones and make the most beautiful, useful gifts and prove even the smallest things that cost little, can offer great value”.
Anita Kaushal - Co-Founder Mauli

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