What do I need to bring?

All our studios come fully equipped with everything you will need for the sessions so there is no need to bring anything.

We use YogaMatters ‘sticky mats’ - closed-cell, latex free and ethically created in the UK - cleaned daily with our custom essential oil blend.

You are welcome to top your water bottle up (or even make a quick cup of tea!). We do not stock any products in single use plastics so please bring a re-usable bottle and help us meet our environmental goals.

YogaTherapies Terms & Conditions.

Please note that attendance at any YogaTherapies class and/or event will constitute acceptance of the terms and conditions listed below, and any other applicable laws and regulations. Individual events may have additional terms that will be detailed


Classes are always subject to availability. 

Please turn off all mobile phones and leave your belongings in the safe spaces provided during class.

Any students wishing to attend under the age of 16 (other than within specific young adult and children's classes), must be accompanied by a responsible and paying adult over the age of 18. At the Studio in Heaton and the Mala in Gosforth under 16s are welcome to attend at no cost, due to space limitations at the Den places will be charged at the usual rate.

Studios will be open for access from a minimum of 10 minutes prior to the start of class. Out of consideration for the other students and the teacher, please allow good time to arrive. Studios may lock their doors from the class commencing and it is at the teachers discretion whether latecomers are able to access the class. If you are aware you may be late, please contact YogaTherapies on 01914479876 or via the social media pages so that the teacher can be notified.

Booked classes may be cancelled free of charge at any point up until 2 hours prior to the class commencing. For PAYG customers and class pass holders a credit for the same class type will be refunded that will expire after 30days.

If you book a session and do not attend, or if you cancel after the 2 hour mark you will still be charged. For YogaTherapies Membership holders a non-attendance fee relative to the value of the place may be charged.

For workshops, retreats, trainings and guest teacher events places will only be refunded if more than 10 days notice is given, or if the place can be re-allocated. Deposits are always non-refundable unless stated otherwise.


Full classes offer a waiting list for upto 3 spaces. 

If you are on the waiting list and a space becomes available you will automatically be upgraded to attending and payment for the space will be taken. If you no longer wish to wait for a place, please cancel your reservation at no cost. Please note it will depend on your individual email and marketing preference settings as to whether the automated email confirming your place is received.


Once purchased all YogaTherapies memberships are non-refundable, except in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of YT management. 

Class passes are subject to expiration dates indicated at purchase.

YogaTherapies membership and the 'once a week' membership auto renew monthly with payment taken on the 1st of each month following sign up wherein the first month is charged pro-rata and credits adjusted accordingly. Unused credits expire at the end of the calendar month.

All memberships have a minimum 3 month sign up period. After this cancellation can be made by contacting YogaTherapies at hello@yogatherapies.co.uk with a minimum of 3 working days prior to the end of the month, and will be effective from the next calendar month. 



Students must make the teachers and any teaching assistants aware of any relevant medical information including but not limited to injuries, pregnancy, low or high blood pressure, recent and historic surgeries, epilepsy etc... to ensure the safety of, and the greatest benefits to the student. Disclosure of sensitive information is not necessary, however the teacher cannot be held liable for incidents resulting from information they have not been made aware of. If you would like to speak to someone privately please contact 01914479876 to do so in confidence. Your personal information will always be kept with complete confidentiality.

Yoga and/or meditation are not a substitute for medical or psychological care and should not be considered as such. Students are ultimately responsible for their own wellbeing and should inform the teacher immediately if they are experiencing any pain, discomfort or symptoms of a pre-existing condition.

We will not use your contact details for any purposes other than communication. We may from time to time let you know about sessions that we think would be of special interest to you.



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