The Yomala Institute formed to deliver authentic, and in depth yoga trainings. To clarify the 'whys' and explain the 'hows'. To cultivate an invigorating and inspiring personal and teaching practice, and to truly understand the workings of yoga's transformative and therapeutic core. 

Our 200hr foundation training delves deep into the nuanced world of yoga study and practice, whilst developing the skills necessary to transition from student to teacher. Our 300hr modules, short courses, immersions and CPDs provide fresh inspiration, new depth and continuing nourishment for teachers as they move through their lifelong teaching journey 


Yomala; Vinyasa & Yoga Therapeutics (200HR)

The Yomala foundation training details the core of our methodology. A life-changing experience that endlessly enriches your personal practice and equips you with the knowledge and skill set to start sharing your passion with the world. 



The Foundation training is delivered as 3 Core Modules with a selection of Complementary Modules to tailor and expand your training. Each calendar year we take one full intake with the course running as 9 weekends, however for individuals requiring more flexibility the training can be booked as individual modules in weekend or immersion format.

We work alongside BGi Uk so that trainees not only qualify with a recognised and accredited course, but also, with access to an insurance package that will evolve and support them throughout their training and teaching journey.


Yoga Therapeutics (100HR)

The Yomala Yoga Therapeutics 100hr advances the understanding of the transformational core of Yoga introduced in the 200hr foundation.

10 modules focus on specific aspects of yoga and yoga therapy through a multidisciplinary lense that draws from ayurvedic, traditional chinese, biomedical and psychological models of health and liberation. Each module can be taken as a standalone CPD, or as part of the full 100hr certification, with each weekend costing £150. Graduates of the 200hr will additionally receive a 300hr designation.

Immersions, CPD and Short Courses

A curated series of short courses and immersion experiences to expand your skill set and explore elements of practice in greater depth.

Online Content

Continue to deepen your knowledge wherever you are! 


[Free] Heart Lotus Meditation

This short course introduces a practice for cultivating awareness of, and openness in the heart centre.



Journalling is a potent tool for change and growth. In this course we introduce the practice, especially in relation to Yoga practice and philosophy.


[under re-construction] The History of Yoga


Yoga boasts an extensive and indeed often convoluted and contested History. This short course offers a brief overview of its development from ancient origins to modern asana and points towards avenues for ongoing study.