The Yomala Vinyasa and Yoga Therapeutics training delves deeply into the practice and theory of yoga;

seamlessly fusing scientifically and empirically led approaches to anatomy, neurology and psychology with energetic, experiential and spiritual practices to create a complete, rounded and grounded personal and teaching practice. 

200 Hour Foundation Training.

The 200hr Foundation training is delivered in 9 weekend modules. Each module consists of morning masterclasses, designed to teach the cornerstones of practice, anatomy and sequencing in an experiential and sensorial way. Sequencing moves progressively from the root, to the crown, discussing the energetic and physiological meridians that underpin both our physical movement, and the powerful effects modulated within our nervous system. 

The afternoons are a rich mixture of lecture, and debate based theoretical exploration of practice, alongside practical teaching exercises that convey both the science and the art  of successful yoga practice and instruction. Yogi's will also cover the theory of adjusting and how to support individuals with common injuries, low back disorders, hypermobility and fatigue.  Yogi's will begin teaching practice from the very first weekend, with homework tasks to deepen personal and professional practice to accompany each modules. Assessment is continuous throughout the course with a final multi-choice exam paper. 

Pre-requisites: Practitioners are recommended to have 12 months experience of regular yoga practice and an eagerness to study. 

Module overview :

Beginning the Journey Home. We begin by discussing what it is to be a Yoga teacher and discuss the principles central to the Yomala training. 

The Core: An Expanded Concept. We look at varying definitions of the core; its anatomical and energetic constructs, plus the myofascial meridians and how they relate to practice. We develop our work with the bandha alongside universal principles of alignment and three universal assists to ensure your students and yourself are always practicing with integrity.

Svadhistana: The Fluid Core. The biomechanics of the lumbosacral complex and pelvis are discussed, alongside a deeper exploration of pranayama and the nervous system in action.

Gravitation. Tension & Cohesion.  We consider how our body is affected by the forces in and around it, how to body read, and how to adjust practice, both to advance asana and to heal injury.

Recognition: Karma Unravelling. We explore the chakra system as both physiological and energetic constructs, we look at the three major Granthis & how they relate to modern practice. 

The End & Beyond. Hypermobility & Integrity in Asana practice.  We look at what it means to practice with integrity and safety, and how to expand those principles to specialist groups.

Anahata Infinite Practice. We look specifically at advancing practice through the heart centre. Advancing asana practice, specifically with reference to backbends and inversions. 

Vishuddhi: Expression, Reflection & Intention.  We continue our exploration with a deeper focus on the specifics of sequencing for  both vinyasa and yin styles of practice. We consider ethics, and our presence as a teacher. 

Samadhi: the Journey Continues. We conclude with a single day business course where we explain the legalities and logistics of working as a Yoga teacher in the Uk and abroad. Our final day is devoted to the graduation ceremony. 

2018 Dates

  • January 27/28
  • February 24/25
  • March 24/25
  • April 28/29
  • June 2/3
  • August 25/26
  • September 29/30
  • October 27/28
  • November 24/25


Daily Schedule

9.00 - 12.00 Morning intensives, these will additionally be open to the public subject to space.

1.30 - 3.30 Theory

4.00 - 6.30 Practicals & Theory

Assorted homework tasks, assignments, case studies. 

Nb// times may vary slightly over the course. 

Pricing Options

Early Bird, £1760 (Non-refundable deposit of £300 due upon booking. Balance to be paid by November 1st 2017).

Standard Rate, 1,900 (Non-refundable deposit of £300 due upon booking. Final balance due January 25th 2018).

Instalments, Non refundable deposit of £300 due upon booking. 3 remaining instalments of £550, due January 25th, April 25th and August 25th 2018. Please note YT will consider personalised instalments schedules, an administrative fee of £25 will be added per additional payment.

Cost includes the Yomala training manuals & workbooks  alongside our online training resource which includes videos to supplement the training and expands upon the hard copy manual, and entitles attendees to a special discounted membership at the YogaTherapies studio.  Furthermore, because we believe the study of Yoga is a lifelong practice,  you have a lifetime of free upgrades! That means, each time we improve and reconfigure the manual, or add new content to the online resource you will have access to it at no extra cost.

300 Hour Advanced Training Modules. 

The 300hr training is delivered as two 4 day modules, and one consolidation day (see dates below).  

Module 1, Shiva; 4 days of transformational practice. In this module we explore the elements of transformation (fire, air and water), we introduce how to utilise the Yang TCM meridians and the practice of transformational breathing. We also focus on the physiology of anxiety and related states and how they can be effectively addressed in practice. 

Module 2, Shakti; 4 days of restorative practice. In this module we explore the elements of earth and ether, we introduce the Yin TCM meridians and the practice of Yoga Nidra. We also focus on the physiology of sleep and stress alongside Yin Yoga and Restorative Practices.

Consolidation. For the final day of the training we reunite to merge the experience of the two modules and forge a unity of experience. 

Pre-requisites: Practitioners must have completed either the Yomala 200hr foundation, or an equivalent and recognised training in Yoga or a related discipline, and must be familiar with anatomy & physiology. Where other trainings have been attended specific pre-course reading may be advised. Practitioners must also have accrued a minimum of 50 hours of teaching experience.

2018 Dates

  • Shiva June 7-10
  • Shakti September 20-23
  • Consolidation Day October 6th.


Pricing Options

Early Bird, £880 (balance due by February 1st 2018).

Standard Rate, £950, (balance due May 25th 2018).

Instalments, YT will consider personalised instalments schedules, an administrative fee of £25 will be added per additional payment

The cost includes the Yomala training manuals & workbooks  alongside our online training resource which includes videos to supplement the training and expands upon the hard copy manual, and entitles attendees to a special discounted membership at the YogaTherapies studio. 

Furthermore, because we believe the study of Yoga is a lifelong practice,  you have a lifetime of free upgrades! That means, each time we improve and reconfigure the manual, or add new content to the online resource you will have access to it at no extra cost.

Accreditation & Continued Support

All courses are fully accredited by the LearnWell.Life association, with a tailored insurance package through Bordengate Insurers. Graduates additionally receive their first years membership at LearnWell.Life complimentary upon completion of their training. LEARN MORE HERE

Graduates may also apply for recognition through the IYN directly here

Contact with your instructor will continue after the training with formalised follow up at 1 and 6 months, and the opportunity to continue study or attend individual and small group mentoring sessions. 

But don't just take it from us...

Having spent over £3, 000 and nearly 2 years training with another yoga organisation, which left me feeling that my personal practice as well as my teaching was at best superficial and at worst unsafe I have finally found my teacher in Chris Jackson. He is a master.

Chris’s teaching flows naturally from a deeply informed and intelligent personal practice. After the first 3 days teacher training with Chris my personal practice has deeply transformed and I already feel much, much more confident to teach. This training is an investment in every aspect of my life and has already started to equip me with the layers of skill, awareness and strengths. Thank you Chris, with deep love, respect and gratitude.
— S.Nugawela. Integrated Healthcare Practitioner, Therapist and Teacher.
I started the Yomala teacher training course to dig deeper into my own practice, and also explore my capacity as a prospect teacher. Taking into account that I’d only started practicing yoga 8 month prior, and my absolute lack of knowledge on the human body, I was a bit worried whether I can absorb the material adequately. However my experience of Chris’s yoga class beforehand, and his intuitive teaching style, gave me the needed confidence and faith to go ahead and join the programme.

My intuition did not fail me. Right from the start it seemed like the class was tailored for me. A beautiful balance of asanas, yoga sutras, sanskrit and theory, communicated masterfully in a simple stimulating format. Every day of the course I felt all my emotional, intellectual and spiritual centres activated! It all felt like a beautiful journey, with Chris taking us masterfully thru the transcendent world of yoga. I emerged lighter, stronger and more intrigued week by week ... with a better grasp of individual poses, and their relationship with the neuromuscular, skeletal and energy system of our bodies. I was also very pleased to learn that we’ll have to start teaching (to class members) from day one. This left a full year for my body and mind to gradually get used to and fall into teaching.

I found in Chris Jackson a remarkable master … someone who spoke directly to my heart ... took me thru a transcending journey and instilled within me the essence of yoga. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the beautiful world of yoga and equip yourself with an invaluable skill set for life, the Yomala teacher training course is for you!
— H. Nayernia. Software Developer and Yogi.

Terms, Conditions, cODES OF CONDUCT & WAIVER.

Application to the Yomala Trainings will constitute full agreement of the below.

I understand that throughout the course I will be participating in yoga classes, seminars and practical exercises, and am both aware of the potential risks involved in engaging in physical activity and am physically and mentally fit and medically able to engage in them. Furthermore, that I understand that I will be working with partners and in small groups, that will involve physical contact. I understand it is my responsibility to inform the course leader and guest instructors about any changes to my medical condition, and where appropriate other course attendees. If I am/or become pregnant I understand that I continue to participate in the training at my own risk. Finally, I understand that as part of aforementioned classes the instructor may be physically adjusting form and posture, and consent to be adjusted, and that partner exercises will be a part of aforementioned classes, and consent to work with others. 

I understand that my payment must be made in accordance with the agreed schedule, that my deposit is non-refundable, and that in the case of non-completion of the course my fees are also non-refundable, although YogaTherapies will consider deferring places in extreme and/or personal circumstances. Where YogaTherapies agrees to deferring a place, YogaTherapies makes no guarantee about the timing of the next available training, nor that there will be a subsequent training. I understand that If I fail to complete the course, or default on payment, that I am additionally obliged to return any and all course materials provided by YogaTherapies.

In cases where hours are missed, I understand I must make arrangements with YogaTherapies to complete the full hours of the training prior to receiving certification and that this may involve additional costs at the discretion of YogaTherapies. 

YogaTherapies reserves the right to change dates of a course only in exceptional circumstances, or, provide a covering instructor who is appropriately qualified to instruct the material.



In order to maintain high standards we expect students to follow the YogaTherapies code of conduct, and reserve the right to discontinue training in the event of failure to do so, following a period of formal warning. 

  1. Behave and speak in a way that honours the principles of Yogic practice.
  2. Ensure punctuality for all sessions.
  3. Complete the homework and self study tasks in the allotted times, and present only original work (plagiarism will result in instant dismissal from the training)
  4. Treat all course property with appropriate respect.
  5. Uphold the principles conveyed in the training, and teach authentically to the training.