Meet our Studio Team

  Chris   Director of Studies


  Wendy   Wendy is a Forrest Yoga teacher, retired Head Teacher and Karate Sensei. Her  approach to yoga practice focuses on careful alignment and self reflection,  you will leave  smiling, and feel your abs the next day!   Additionally, Wendy leads specialist chair based sessions for individuals who are not able to attend a standard mat based class for whatever reason, and private sessions for AgeUK.


  Kerry   Kerry teaches a combination of Forrest  Inspired and Sun Power Yoga to create a powerful and dynamic class.  Kerry works carefully to ensure that her sessions are accessible to all levels, experiences and abilities of practitioners with a caring personal touch and a warm energy felt throughout.  Kerry can be found in the Summer teaching along the North East Coastline, find Yoga with Kerry on facebook to tune in, or email her direct at


  Shar   Shar keeps us all in order! through her invaluable volunteer role as the facilities manager at YT.   Sharon has spent many years in India where she has studied Ayurveda, and also trained in Reiki, Hands on  Healing and Yoga and holds a BA in counselling. She is currently completing the Yomala 200hr training.


  Alison     Alison teaches a traditional ashtanga vinyasa yoga, focusing on incrementally developing the primary series. Her classes although physically challenging, are taught in a detailed and nurturing way. Paired with her hour long guided meditations focusing on seasonal and energetic intentions to carry your practice into all aspects of your life.






  Jaye   Jaye teaches a balance of flowing vinyasa and yin styled yoga that is perfectly suited to her gentle and relaxed yet playful personality.  Expect to be challenged and then deeply soothed  in an unobtrusive environment that will encourage you to access your most authentic self.   When Jaye isn't busy on the mat you can find her downtown where she works as a traditional tattoo artist.


  Yago   Yago draws from a diverse array of styles to create a unique and vivacious presentation of yoga that follows the cycles of the year and of nature. Classes are varied and interwoven with  Reiki principles and mindfulness, advocating a close attention to personal care and self nourishment.   Yago also teaches select sessions in Spanish, whether you are Spanish and wanting to learn yoga, or a yogi who wants to learn Spanish!   You can find Yago teaching on a tuesday evening at the Yoga Station in Whitley Bay.


  Caireen   Caireen teaches Hatha Yoga with a specialism in pre and post natal yoga. Having worked in advertising and the arts, Caireen has always been keen to share the benefits of yoga, and to teach how they can fit seamlessly with, and support the busy reality of modern life.   Caireen teaches a pregnancy, and post-natal yoga classes across the North East, alongside a series of family friend classes. Follow Caireen Hart Yoga on facebook for all the information you need to get involved. 


  Emily   Emily teaches a creative and fluid  Vinyasa flow combining music, breath and movement. Each class is a mixture of energising and strength building asana woven through a sense of playfulness and fun, guaranteed to leave you feeling simultaneously relaxed and invigorated.   She loves people, culture and interaction. After graduating from university where I studied BA Media, Culture and Society, Most recenetly her travels have taken her to Seattle where she embarked on her 200hr YTT  Emily also teaches in Durham and details of her other classes can be found at


  Grace   Grace favours an upbeat vinyasa style flow, which both challenges, yet nurtures the body, mind and soul. Her classes are both energising, whilst grounding, combining strength building with a playful flowing feel.   You can also find Grace at Shanti Bee on a Monday evening, and Friday Morning. When she isn't teaching or attending classes, Grace is usually behind the camera, photographing for local businesses and retailers. 






  Suzanne   Suzanne is an Integrated Health Practitioner, fusing her encyclopedic knowledge of kinesiology and nueroscience with her extensive personal practice of buddhist meditation and mindfulness and the deep knowledge acquired through her own personal battle with health.  Her sessions create a safe place for exploring, and realising the potential for vibrant health and wellbeing for everyone through careful observation and holistic practices to bring the body back into harmony.  Suzanne also leads professional trainings in neuromuscular release, and mind body intelligence.  You can find out more about Suzanne at


  Karen   Karen teaches dynamic vinyasa flow, heath, sivananda and yin yoga alongside creatively inspired playlists. Her classes are an unfolding of theme, intention and focus combining physical and mental challenges to energise, inspire and empower the practitioner and to encourage a deeper conneciton, appreciation and contement within themselves.  She is constantly working to deepen both her practical and philosophical understanding of the practice, and has travelled to work with some of the worlds leading yogis. Find out more about Karen, and where else you can find her classes here:


  Hossein   Hossein is a graduate of the Yomala Teacher Training, and is known for his soft approach, with evocative and in-depth meditational focuses.   Beyond the mat, Hossein is working to develop a global educational platform, with the dream of re-inventing online education to provide top quality education to even the most remote and dis-advantages areas. He is also a fantastic chef.