The Feet And Ground Force Reaction

Connecting to the Earth

Our feet are amazingly complex constructions. Made from twenty six bones, and twenty muscles that form twenty five joints along with all the ligaments and connective tissue involved they are capable of a huge range of dynamic movement and support. 

They provide the foundations for our standing poses creating and steering the lines of energy that stabilise our postures. They are the beginnings of many meridians in Chinese Medicine, and treat the entire body through reflex points. In standing practice neural signalling begins at the feet as the first point of contact, therefore the better the feet and ankles are functioning, the better the innervation and energy through the whole kinetic chain. They are constantly working and responding to our environment.

Ground Force Reaction

Ground force reaction is the force exerted by the ground upon a body in contact with it. As stated by Newton’s third law, that reaction is equal to the action we place upon it. When we engage with the energy of the earth, the earth meets us.

It’s about the way the spine moves from the heels 

to the top of the head with gravity. 

You let the body sink, sink, sink, and the upper part becomes light.

The more you sink, the more the upper part becomes light 

and there is a beautiful wave in the body, 

and the body moves with the wave. 

The wave to the ground allows the gravity in the spine 

and through the spine, and energy goes through the top of the head. 

The body is pulled down, and from the waist up there is a wonderful way of feeling, of behaving, of moving. 

It gives a sense of authority, of freedom, of beauty.’

Vanda Scaravelli 

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