T&Cs, Code of Conduct & Waiver

Please note, application to the Yomala Trainings will constitute acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

I understand that my payment must be made in accordance with the agreed schedule, that my deposit in non-refundable and that in the case of non-completion my fees are also non-refundable. YogaTherapies will consider deferring places in extreme and/or personal circumstances.

I understand that if I fail to complete the course or default on payment, that I am additionally obliged to return any and all course materials provided by YogaTherapies. In cases where payment defaults I understand that my certification will not be validated with BGi until payment is settled.

In cases where hours are missed arrangements must be made to complete the full hours and requirements of the training prior to receiving certification, this will involve additional costs at the discretion of YogaTherapies.  

Where YogaTherapies agrees to deferring a place, or where course hours require completion, YogaTherapies makes no guarantee about the timing of the next available training, nor that there will be a subsequent training. YogaTherapies also does not make any guarantee regarding the availability of course instructors beyond the standard parameters of the course.

YogaTherapies reserves the right to change dates of a course only in exceptional circumstances, or, provide a covering instructor who is appropriately qualified to instruct the material.

In order to maintain high standards we expect students to follow the YogaTherapies code of conduct, and reserve the right to discontinue training in the event of failure to do so, following a period of formal warning. 

  1. Behave and speak in a way that honours the principles of Yogic practice.

  2. Ensure punctuality for all sessions.

  3. Complete the homework and self study tasks in the allotted times, and present only original work (plagiarism will result in instant dismissal from the training)

  4. Treat all course property with appropriate respect.

  5. Uphold the principles conveyed in the training, and teach authentically to the training.

What if I have any concerns during the course?

Please report any concerns immediately to your course leader, or email hello@yogatherapies.co.uk. If for any unforeseen circumstance a full response to your concern cannot be given within 7 days, you will be contacted with the reason why and when a full answer can be expected.