Accreditation & Continued Support

All courses are accredited by the LearnWell.Life association, with a tailored insurance package through Bordengate Insurers. LEARN MORE HERE

Graduates may also apply for membership and recognition through the IYN directly here

Contact with your instructor will continue after the training with formalised follow up at 1 and 6 months, and the opportunity to continue study or attend individual and small group mentoring sessions. 

T&Cs, Code of Conduct & Waiver

Application to the Yomala Trainings will constitute full agreement of the below.

I understand that throughout the course I will be participating in yoga classes, seminars and practical exercises, and am both aware of the potential risks involved in engaging in physical activity and am physically and mentally fit and medically able to engage in them. Furthermore, that I understand that I will be working with partners and in small groups, that will involve physical contact. I understand it is my responsibility to inform the course leader and guest instructors about any changes to my medical condition, and where appropriate other course attendees. If I am/or become pregnant I understand that I continue to participate in the training at my own risk. Finally, I understand that as part of aforementioned classes the instructor may be physically adjusting form and posture, and consent to be adjusted, and that partner exercises will be a part of aforementioned classes, and consent to work with others. 

I understand that my payment must be made in accordance with the agreed schedule, that my deposit is non-refundable, and that in the case of non-completion of the course my fees are also non-refundable, although YogaTherapies will consider deferring places in extreme and/or personal circumstances. Where YogaTherapies agrees to deferring a place, YogaTherapies makes no guarantee about the timing of the next available training, nor that there will be a subsequent training. I understand that If I fail to complete the course, or default on payment, that I am additionally obliged to return any and all course materials provided by YogaTherapies.

In cases where hours are missed, I understand I must make arrangements with YogaTherapies to complete the full hours of the training prior to receiving certification and that this may involve additional costs at the discretion of YogaTherapies. 

YogaTherapies reserves the right to change dates of a course only in exceptional circumstances, or, provide a covering instructor who is appropriately qualified to instruct the material.


In order to maintain high standards we expect students to follow the YogaTherapies code of conduct, and reserve the right to discontinue training in the event of failure to do so, following a period of formal warning. 

  1. Behave and speak in a way that honours the principles of Yogic practice.
  2. Ensure punctuality for all sessions.
  3. Complete the homework and self study tasks in the allotted times, and present only original work (plagiarism will result in instant dismissal from the training)
  4. Treat all course property with appropriate respect.
  5. Uphold the principles conveyed in the training, and teach authentically to the training.