Terms, Conditions & Waiver


Students understand that throughout the duration course of the training they will be engaging in physical activity and that they medically fit and able to do so. All relevant medical information must be disclosed to the course leader or a member of the Yomala faculty prior to the course commencing, or immediately upon the occurrence of any changes to medical status.

Participants will be engaged in both individual and group exercises that will involve appropriate physical contact from both other students and course leaders.

Terms & Conditions

Students understand that my payment must be made in accordance with the agreed schedule, that deposits are non-refundable and that in the case of non-completion my fees are also non-refundable. YogaTherapies will consider deferring places in extreme and/or personal circumstances.

Students understand that in cases where course content is not completed or outstanding balances apply to payment, that they are additionally obliged to return any and all course materials provided by YogaTherapies. In cases where payment defaults certification will not be issued, or will be invalidated until payment is settled.

YogaTherapies reserves the right to change dates of a course advertised as final only in exceptional circumstances, or provide a covering instructor who is appropriately qualified to instruct the material.

Code of Conduct.

In order to ensure both the quality of atmosphere and diligence of study the following codes of conduct will apply:

As the provider of the training YogaTherapies agrees to;

  1. Ensure that safe and effective teaching is available to the public.

  2. Provide the public with access to safe and effective yoga teachers.

  3. Maintain and uphold the traditions and principles of yoga. To teach with experience of, and respect for these traditions and to disseminate these teachings without discrimination.

  4. Uphold the integrity of the the vocation by conducting activity in a professional and conscientious manner.

  5. Acknowledge the limitations of the skillset and scope of practitioners and where appropriate refer students to seek alternative and appropriate direction.

  6. Maintain a safe, clean and comfortable environment.

  7. Encourage diversity.

  8. Respect the rights, dignity and privacy of all students.

  9. Follow all local government, national and international laws that pertain to the profession and/or the business operations.

As a an attendee of the training, students agree to;

  1. Maintain and uphold the traditions and principles of yoga. To teach with experience of, and respect for these traditions and to disseminate these teachings without discrimination.

  2. Ensure punctuality for all sessions and respect the rights, dignity and privacy of all other students.

  3. Complete the homework and self study tasks in the allotted times, and present only original work (plagiarism will result in instant dismissal from the training)

  4. Treat all course property with appropriate respect, and to not to re-present course content as personal content.

  5. Follow all applicable local government, national and international laws.

  6. Uphold the principles conveyed in the training, and teach authentically to the training.

YogaTherapies reserve the right to discontinue the training of any student that fails to demonstrate adherence to the codes of conduct following a notice of formal warning. 

Attendance and 'Catch Up' Procedures.

In order to successfully meet the course requirements participants must attend a minimum of 95% of the course dates, or miss no more than 1 full day (either as a singular day, or through accrued time over the course of the training).

Days that contain formal or informal assessment cannot be missed under any circumstances.

Where time is missed ‘catch up’ is required to complete the training and receive certification.

There are two options;

  1. With prior notice of more than one calendar month the course leader will make alternative arrangements on an individual basis in order to cover the missed content within the original timeframe of the training.

    This will incur additional costs at the discretion of the course leader.

  2. Students will be able join a subsequent training to complete the relevant content.

    In this case YogaTherapies makes no guarantees about the timing of the next available training. There will be no additional charges.

Cancellation Policy and Deferral of Places.

Students are, to the best of their knowledge, responsible for ensuring they are fit and prepared for the training course before enrolling. If you have any queries in advance, or are aware of potential timing conflicts please contact a member of the Yomala faculty to discuss before enrolling by emailing mail@yogatherapies.life.

Deferral of Place

Where unforeseen circumstances arise it may be possible to defer a place

In this instance, the student will be offered space on a subsequent training. Course fees already paid will be held by YogaTherapies and will be counted directly towards the future course. Any remaining balance, or any balance that occurs as a result of price changes to the course pricing must be settled in full prior to re-commencing training.

YogaTherapies reserves the right to decline deferring a place, and where YogaTherapies agrees to deferring a place, YogaTherapies can make no guarantees about the timing of the next available training, nor that there will be a subsequent training.

Cancellation of Place

Once paid, all course deposits are non-refundable.

If for any reason a student decides to discontinue their training with YogaTherapies, all monies paid are non-refundable, and all course materials provided should be returned to YogaTherapies with immediate effect.

Any credentials associated with the course cannot be claimed by the student regardless of point of cancellation, and where fraudulent claims of credentials are made YogaTherapies will notify the appropriate authorities and regulating bodies.

Grievance Procedure.

If you have any concerns during the course please speak directly to your course leader.

If you would prefer to speak to someone impartial, please email mail@yogatherapies.life wherein a faculty member not directly involved in the training will contact you within 7 working days. If for any reason a full response to your concern cannot be given within 7 days, you will be contacted with the reason why and when a full answer can be expected.