Attendance and 'Catch Up' Procedures.

In order to successfully meet the course requirements participants must attend a minimum of 95% of the course dates, or miss no more than 1 full day (either as a singular day, or through accrued time over the course of the training).

Days that contain formal or informal assessment cannot be missed under any circumstances.

Where time is missed ‘catch up’ is required to complete the training and receive certification.

There are two options;

  1. With prior notice of more than one calendar month the course leader will make alternative arrangements on an individual basis in order to cover the missed content within the original timeframe of the training.

    This will incur additional costs at the discretion of the course leader.

  2. Students will be able join a subsequent training to complete the relevant content.

    In this case YogaTherapies makes no guarantees about the timing of the next available training. There will be no additional charges.

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