Terms, Conditions & Waiver


Students understand that throughout the duration course of the training they will be engaging in physical activity and that they medically fit and able to do so. All relevant medical information must be disclosed to the course leader or a member of the Yomala faculty prior to the course commencing, or immediately upon the occurrence of any changes to medical status.

Participants will be engaged in both individual and group exercises that will involve appropriate physical contact from both other students and course leaders.

Terms & Conditions

Students understand that my payment must be made in accordance with the agreed schedule, that deposits are non-refundable and that in the case of non-completion my fees are also non-refundable. YogaTherapies will consider deferring places in extreme and/or personal circumstances.

Students understand that in cases where course content is not completed or outstanding balances apply to payment, that they are additionally obliged to return any and all course materials provided by YogaTherapies. In cases where payment defaults certification will not be issued, or will be invalidated until payment is settled.

YogaTherapies reserves the right to change dates of a course advertised as final only in exceptional circumstances, or provide a covering instructor who is appropriately qualified to instruct the material.

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